Tuesday 22 July 2014

Lizard Installation of Drawings by Tathi Premchand.

Art is the visual history of a given period. Nature is evident and apparently beautiful. Man progressed and steadily brought change in its appearance; bringing in more man-made materialistic things. Artists of every age with realistic outlook always capture these changes. Some are figurative and some abstract. My interaction with nature as well as reality of urban people has led me to create these drawings, portraying the truth of contemporary scenario. Every work has different appeal and presentation method, setting different moods with use of topic relevant colors, forms and style. 
Recent Drawing by Tathi Premchand at Art Gate Gallery

I create these drawings because I am more sensitive towards societal issues. I like to paint social issues and causes and make a critical statement through my work. With times, lifestyle, infrastructure of the society and more over behavior and outlook have changed, I try to showcase that change- either good or bad or say, two sides of the same coin. I like to be binocular and scan society at the farthest.

In these webbed drawings are hidden faces of people with many shades of struggle for survival. No where is meditative and tranquil mood. There is awe, stress, astonishment, question remorse and so on.

 The knife edge is what that we advance on. We are ripped with the sharp tip everyday. Still we find our path through it. These struggles and enwrapping due to social disruption have their own attractive token; a sentimental value. I have worked with pencil and pen on paper.

In Drawing I deliberately painted skeleton on Electricity bill. Having basic needed  things include electricity, but the charges are too high; the power is less as compared to powerful bills and that is killing people, reducing them to skeletons.

William Kentridge : David Hockney
The two most influential artists whom I admire are William Kentridge. David Hockney  is always a third party observer putting the reality on paper using pen drawing. William Kentridge uses scribbled papers for his expression of reality. I feel this is an effective medium as it makes drawings more worth and iconic.

This series has various lines combines with styled circles, a white or black spots, hiding the emotional facial gesture of the person. I have captured the complexity using basic tools and in completely freehand manner.  

Titles also play prominent role in my creations. A word or two speaks all. I have pasted my drawings on cardboard boxes and let them be on wall. I call this series ‘Lizard’, as I am awed by its most unique feature to stick to the wall. Just like it pathos and poignancy that never leave us.

And as I adamantly state, “My paintings are not just show pieces to decorate walls, but are the thoughts to be pondered upon.”

- Tathi Premchand

Translation by Pankaja JK 

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