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We are looking for artworks, drawing, creative painting, digital art, installation, photography

and more. Online / Offline Solo will be arranged for selected artist.

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Deadline: 6th to 24th Oct - 2021 / View form on - Upload file - www.nippongallery.com

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Friday 1 October 2021

Ways of seeing..._* organized by NAF at NIV Art Gallery, New Delhi on 25th Sept, 2021.

When we perceive a piece of artwork, we not only try to dive into the scenarios of the visuals in front of us, but we also peep into the world of the mind of the creator. The mind of the artist can be as complex as a maze or as clear as transparent stream. The artist creates a work of art after experiencing various kinds of emotions and incidents. The emotions can as simple as happiness, anger, hatred, joyfulness, etc., but sometimes it transcends to an experience which goes beyond a definition of common emotions. The interconnectedness of contrasting emotions gives way to an idea which can be explained through art, and art only. With the addition of living in this busy world, we go through many physical incidents which brings trauma, anxiety, love, hope, etc., in our minds. Culminating all these emotions and experiences, an artist takes a respite in creating their work of art.

Painting by Heena Sk 

In this exhibition, aptly titled ‘Ways of Seeing’, the artists are trying to portray their thoughts and comments in the everyday human life through their artworks. Every painting or print is trying to open our perspective in some issues or incidents while tapping into the emotions that are already lying inside our minds. Many a times what we see or perceive, we are unable to express them. These artworks are carefully curated so as to ignite a conversation and help in communicating with the audience about the unsaid emotions and experiences.

The different visual elements helps in bringing out the various thought processes of the artists to the surface of the mind. And when these elements are gathered on canvas, we see new dimensions to the existing scenarios. What we see might not be what we perceive. The lines, colours, textures and spaces create a unique blend of visuals which helps us in breaking the abstract ideas into simpler forms. Sometimes it’s a different world altogether when we see it from somebody else’s perspective, and who could it be better than an artist?


NAF in collaboration with Niv Art Centre presenting an exhibition of emerging artists ways of seeing 25th September 2021 to 28th September at Niv art center, 210 near IGNOU chowk, pocket E, Neb Sarai Sainik farm. New Delhi 110068

Here participants are Ajay Kumar, Ankit Kushwaha, Dhan prasad, Deepti Gaur, Debjyoti Saha, Heena Sk, Kartick chandra dinda, Nandkumar Pagare, Nooreen Fatma, Preeti Singh, Priyanshu Chaurasia, Moumita Sarkar, Rekha Gupta, Sandipa Mondal, Srishti Gupta, Sumon Bej, Sudatta Basu Roy Chowdhury, Swapan Roy. They all are from different cities. 

 Mr Avijit Roy senior artist of Niv Art Centre inaugurated the show on 25th September.

The art of each artist participating in ways of seeing is highly appreciated. The works of Santiniketan's artist Srishti Gupta, Hyderabad based artist Dhan Prasad, Maharashtra's Heena Sk and Delhi resident Preeti Singh are particularly interesting.

Shaji Methew and Aruna Anand Mathew the owner of Niv Art Centre and The Founder and Director of NAF Nandini Sarkar would like to thank all the artists for the way this 4 day show has come to an end in this pandemic time and for such a collaborative emerging artists, who helps lift the tie a lot.

    Text by Moumita Sarkar -Artist/ Kolkata 


Ways of seeing..._* organized by NAF at NIV Art Gallery, New Delhi on 25th Sept, 2021.

The show will continue till 28th Sept, 2021, 11 am to 7 pm.
210, near IGNOU CHOWK, Pocket E, Neb Sarai, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110068


Thursday 30 September 2021

Sexuality is a feeling. It has no visuals but it is a visual language. Visual art starts with nudity because it is the first stage of sexuality .

Nippon Gallery presents a solo show by Sandip Sen. We are glad to introduce his works that consists of German Expressions, erotic venting, striking and vivid Palate and bold themes .

Artist: Sandip Sen

Sandip Sen completed his BFA in painting from Kala Bhavana Santiniketan and pursued his MFA from college of Art and design, bardhawan  Sandip Sen is from Jalpaiguri , West Bengal, India.

Incorporating Kalighat Pata Painting style and themes notably Sexuality has been shown symbolically through objects. Such as balloon, Kettle orchid, leaves and sperms.

Further elements such as snake socks, grass, monkey cap, hand gestures, Electric plug, Nude female figures and copulating animals have also been assimilated in the intellectual paintings.

The idea of drawing has many complex processes in the initial stages, where not only drawing and painting but also thoughts are given a significant value. What the artist visually studies is then transferred to actual works incorporated with colour and attempt to present it in a conceptualized line. These paintings are anchored with pen, charcoal, ink, pastel, water colour, oil colour etc. These forms not only identify realism but also create another dimension.

Artist: Sandip Sen 

Line charges a crucial impact in Sen’s works, where it not only displays a celerity of his thoughts but also connects objects being laid on the sheets.

Black, red, pink, orange, green colors began to dominate the painting in a symbolic way. Next comes the use of gold, silver and fluorescent colors. At the same time small particles are observed, sensuousness, eroticism, clippings of ads, human figures, and antiquities are imposed more practically. 19th century popular folk culture of kalighat patta, wood block etc. can be observed in his work that are indulged with contemporary hoardings in cities that started producing college works explaining his thoughts.

Artist says, “my art is to talk about sensuality. “More to say that sexuality doesn’t mean nudity or vice-versa and nudity doesn’t demand only representation of the bare body. Sexuality is a feeling. It has no visuals but it is a visual language. Visual art starts with nudity because it is the first stage of sexuality.

From the beginning of his youth, the artist began to notice the pubic sign that changed his genitals, growth of pubic hair, and the beard, hair in armpit and abdomen and changes in hormones. The idea of sex gave him a completely different languages from where some biological changes became the subject or his work.

To enrich the visual language he used multiple layers including the digital on graphic quality at some place, to bring about theatrical effect in the picture cutouts are applied. He has started to use quotations from sexually related books.

Recent works by Sandip Sen

Sen’s works not only examine the inner desires of humans but also give them a unique look by combining various figures and forms that indirectly are related to the themes.

His bold use of colors and subjects continuously attracts human consciousness while making our minds contemplate human biological developments.

Nippon always has and will appreciate unique thoughts and works of contemporary minds and in this respect we exhibit Sandip Sen's art works.

-Art Blogazine 

We invite you all to visit the on view exhibition.

Cover Story - Solo show by Sandip Sen

Date : 22nd Sep to 5th Oct - 2021

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Moderator by Moumita Sarkar – Kolkata

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