Saturday 23 July 2016

From the Director of MOG- Dr. Subodh Kerkar

I had the good fortune of meeting Syed Haider Raza a number of times.In his death India has lost an iconic person.

Apart from being a great artist Raza in my opinion was the symbol of India's pluralism. His works and his being,positioned him beyond fences of religion, cast and creed.He visited all places of religious worship to find the connectivity with the cosmic and the unknown. And spoke passionately about universalism.
In his company I felt an energy of a saint.His bindu painting exudes the feeling of Shunyata.
In 1947 when India became independent Raza Shaib was not only concerned with his personal development as an artist but also worried about what direction ART in India should take.He along with the other members of the progressive group were the torch bearers of the journey of Indian Art.
I will use Nehru's lines after Gandhi's assassination to express my feelings about Raza."The light has gone out of he Indian Art scene.However that light was no ordinary light and will continue to inspire generations of artist to come.RIP I shall not say because Syed Raza was the epitome of peace all his life and in peace he will always rest."
We at MOG join the nation to mourn Raza's death and we are grateful to God that such a one lived amongst us.

-  Dr. Subodh Kerkar