Monday 4 April 2022

Romartika launches month-long group show of paintings at Malaka Art Gllery

Romartika launched its first offline group show at Malaka Art Gallery, Koregaon Park, Pune. There will be four back-to-back group shows throughout the month of April’22. The first group show was inaugurated on Friday afternoon by Art Historian Deepak Kannal and Artist Sharad Tarde.

The neo-abstract realism by Artist Prakash  Ambegaonkar held the visitors in awe. The interplay of mysterious yet familiar forms beckoned the viewers into a surreal world of light and shadow. After a vibrant career as a leading architect in the US, Prakash returned to his homeland and dedicated himself completely to art. His rapid emergence as an artist with unique style captured the fancy of the art lovers in India.The geometric abstract by artist Aarti Sharma is another dig into what has not been painted before. Unlike the usual abstract expressions in vogue, Aarti’s large canvases draw the viewer into the womb of an enigmatic space. Perhaps her background as an interior decorator and designer reflects in her style. It is hard to categorize Aarti’s style, because Aarti too, like Prakash, is walking the uncharted territory of protocol and convention in the arena of art.

Ranjeet Ram Sathe’s life-size image of mother and child stopped the viewers on their track. Mesmerised gazes remained stuck on his sublime expression of love and affection. Ranjeet, though young, had already worked as a lecturer and creative director. But over the years he moved into sculpting. A multifaceted talent, Ranjeet, believes that poetry can also be painted. His paintings can be described as poetry on canvas.

Artist Pallavi Kiran’s composition of Indian Classical spirit appealed the art lovers with an ancient melody of the mystics. Pallavi, a professional from the field of academics, was not present during the opening but her canvases raised the charm of the exhibition.

 From: 1st to 8th April 2022

Romartika launches

An Exhibition of Paintings By

Prakash  Ambegaonkar, Aarti Sharma, Ranjeet Sathe, Pallavi Kiran

Venue: Malaka Art Gallery,

Koregaon Park, Pune – 411001, 10am to 10.30pm