Friday 23 February 2018

Pin Poster:Mumbai :Art Gate Gallery : Art Workshop @ Churchgate

EXHIBITION &  SALE at Art Gate Gallery, Mumbai
All Art lovers are most invited on 7th to 13th March 2018
at the Inauguration Ceremony of Amazing Recent Group show Artworks at Art Gate Gallery, More details please all +91 9820141532
 Churchgate Mumbai

Art Gate Gallery

115, Jamshedji Tata Road, 1st Floor, Above Satyam Collection, Next to Eros Cinema, Churchgate, Mumbai, India 400020

NGMA Mumbai :“I have been a photographer longer than I have been a doctor”

About Dr. Debal Sen:

​Dr. Debal Sen's ​photography defies the urbane world of Kolkata where he resides and is a practicing cardiologist. It is difficult to imagine this cardiologist of such great repute be able to divide his time equally between the two critical aspects of his life: life-saving through health giving, for which he yields his medical skills; and life-saving through Nature-worship for which he wields his camera.

​In spite of his considerable fame as a cardiologist, Dr Sen avers: ​

“I have been a photographer longer than I have been a doctor”

His journeys across the country's wilds from coast to coast and mountains to plains stand testament in to his prolific creations: photographs that look like paintings. 

Partnered with the Museum's current exhibition: "Nature Embedded - a Design Technology Experience,"  Dr Sen's photography as one of fifteen different medias at the Museum, also finds itself intervening with Augmented Reality (AR) to reveal an additional layer of visual imagery.  

In the words of the author of these photographs, Dr Debal Sen:
“The images presented here were garnered over a period of three decades. They took me from the high altitude lakes of Ladakh, to the glacial rivers of the high Himalayas, onto the lakes, rivers and wetlands of the baking plains of central India, across the puddles and pools of the great mangrove swamps of Orissa, West Bengal and the Andaman Islands, to culminate in the varied coastlines of the subcontinent”
And then summing up his experience of water as the subject through the idiom of shoreline, the author concludes:
“These shores extend from the edge of a dewdrop to the edge of the sea – between music and silence, between color and white”.

The words are reminiscent of the photography of Ansel Adams who viewed life through the lens of Nature, choosing to see it unfiltered as the great wilds of the outdoors, with a protestant spirit that only Nature could wield.

No wonder then, to experience these images, in the words of the poet Corbin, is to “browse in the archives of the Earth.”

Thursday 22 February 2018

Invest in Young Artist Artworks : Churudatt Pande suggestion by Art Blogazine

Whimsixal Laddie
Acrylic on canvas, Size 24x36 in

Rs: 34,000/-

Now Available at :Art Gate Gallery, Churchgate

Date:24th Feb 2018

Sunday 18 February 2018

PIN POSTER: Jehangir Art Gallery 20-26 Feb 2018

The Jehangir Art Gallery is an art gallery in Mumbai. It was founded by Sir Cowasji Jehangir at the urging of K. K. Hebbar and Homi Bhabha. It was built in 1952.
Address: 161B, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

(image by Tathi Premchand)

Posthumous Solo Show of Late Pradeep Nerurkar, 20th Jehangir Art Gallery

When a painter leaves this world for ever we remember him through his paintings and his ideas, his habits, his choices, his views about his own life as well as others'. His dedication towards his work and his passionate approach towards the life and other things he loved. As a human being he helped others too to live their way. Because he never defer his own life from others. His personal relations with his family, friends and rest of the people amongst whom he lived were co-ordinal. As a painter and at the same time a part of the society he had a very sensitive yet sensible approach towards living. For him everything was a part of his world of painting.
Artist: Pradeep Nerurkar
file photo copyright artblogazine/tathipremchand)

He never treated artistic work as special or separate or special kind of activity. It was for him a day to day breathing. His sense of personal and social life had immerged out of his social and humble behaviour. Therefore those whom he left behind are living their lives with all the memories and stories. These memories will always create the presence out of unseen presence of the beloved painter­Pradeep. They think that he has entered into their body, mind and soul along with his paintings to take care of them.

Pradeep Nerurkar has shown his unique presence as a highly innovative painter quite late in his career but the impact of his innovation has shocked his fellow­artists and the connoisseurs alike. His approach towards his work had been always experimental as he used to tell us that he wanted to invent a medium that would reflect his most delicate sense of expression. He developed a technique with a paper pulp soaked in water on which he would work with his hands loaded with colours and a mind impatient to pour out the unknown patches of space and some hidden wounds peeping out on the edges and some lost themselves to reveal their new existence. And finally he would looked into the coloured surface to see his identity, his silent poetry evaporated from the surface leaving behind the marks of her existence on the edge of the visual periphery in an evangelic way.

The works being shown in the present exhibition are from his several works he has left behind. They were built sensitively by him with utmost care, delicacy and the ingredients produced with long research and experiments. Each of them reflects the hard work, his emotional involvement and evocative urge with utmost spiritual feeling.

He left behind very sensitive and sensible works for us to cherish. Wherever he is, I am sure; he must be living without body but with spiritual colours on his fingers and passionate ideas in his eyes.
Long live his remembrance.

Prabhakar Kolte
Mumbai, 13th January 2018

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