Saturday 31 December 2016

‘’ Love anything as it is, you cannot change love,but love can change you, you cannot change the one you love,

It was astonishing for me when I came across the book, Love Needed. The impression of the cover had enough to give eye balls too, it was definitely attractive. I read the name say, Zaara.A.Khan.  I wasn’t sure but was familiar with the name, flipping through the pages and  digging thoroughly gave me a insight to a new world.

The book Love Needed.
Love Needed is a novel that revolves in and around the capital city of India, Delhi. The book sounds just being a love story but reading the novel written by the young artist or author Zaara Alsabih Khan and we must say, her effort and hardwork is something that tells you much more realistic side of life.  
‘’The book is not just a complicated love story involving friends, it is about how parents fulfill their children's need sacrificing their own wishes, how they are treated with age.Encountering unexpected love,handling profession and family. What you may "SEE" may necessarily not be what you "SEE". Making you realise the real importance of time, money and death.How love melts a stone hearted person.With all the twists and turns in the life of a common man which leads him to a world beyond his thoughts.....’’

Author Zaara A. khan.

It is not surprising to mention that Zaara khan is a young inspiration to the new world . She is a medical student pursuing from Babu Banarasi Das, Lucknow. Apart,she is a certified Nutritionist and a Dietician. Her seminars attended by the youth are empowering, they are motivational and have a cause of expressions. In such short span of her journey she has readily worked in international (USA) based primary healthcare company, Sevamob as a camp co-ordinator and Nutritionist. She has given seminars to national and international organizations and institutions  like OXFAM, KVK and ICAR. Not only this, she sings and draws as well.
Zaara Alsabih Khan, happens to belong to Bhadohi which is located 45-50 kilometers from Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh India. Her father Iqbal khan is a businessman. And believe it or not she has travelled hours and hours daily just to study. She definitely breaks the stereotypical norms of belonging to a town, representing her city and state that’s what the vision and mission of a brighter and young India is.

Khan who is motivated by her mother,the doctor to be believes-  failing is a part of life if you don’t fail you never learn. She adds, One’s failure is an opportunity to success itself,but if something torments you mentally, you don’t need to be good at it,just leave.- zaara a. khan,love needed.

A part of the book stating about why Love Needed and why just not some other name?.

‘’ Love anything as it is, you cannot change love,but love can change you, you cannot change the one you love,for if you do ,you won’t love the new.If it’s given by any of the intentions above the other always feels good and right.If it builds you,always be ready to get destroyed. You can’t do without it,you can’t rid it, you will look for another, yet another, still with the pain, yet another. As intoxicating it goes, it won’t mind changing you from straight to homo, and if you don’t get it, you might end up loving yourself.
Hence, it proves that love has no boundaries,no limits,no time,no caste, no colour, no bar,no profession,no standards,no place,no age. That’s how one goes blind, deaf, mum, that’s how strong the power of cupid is and that’s how one pleads ''LOVE ME''. ‘’


-Love needed

- Review By Art Blogazine

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