Wednesday 20 July 2016

Usha Khanna- Tremendous talent rests in peace forever!

Art and film world and was shaken at the news of demise of Usha Khanna on Saturday, 16, 2016. She was 74 years old. 

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Remembered as the owner of Café Samovar, at Jehangir Art Gallery at the time it was closed last year, art patrons miss her more for the strong, cheerful personality she had and that vibrated in the Samovar Café and her music. Almost every day when she would be there for hours curiously taking interest in visitors and conversing with them on vivid topics. Never airing her ownership she had mush faith in her staff and the head who looked after the delicacies and cuisines severed there. Satisfaction, be it at her Café or by listening to her music was important. Art was her life and music her soul. India prides in her talent as a third Indian woman music director and intelligent business woman. She died a natural death on her way to hospital. She is survived by two daughter and a son, who made names for themselves in their respective fields like their mother. Her children did the last rites and cremated her in presence of art patrons and film personalities. 

(Memorable Image from Café Samovar )

Text By Pankaja JK 

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