Thursday 6 December 2012

Chandrakanth Ganacharya new installation review by Pankaja JK

( Artist Chandrakanth Ganacharya)

As an artistic endeavor to present my concept of ‘Triumvirate’, I have tried to portrait three revolutionary giants who had identical essence of bringing in the

changes for the good of society but there was an apparent difference in their outlook or approach. They acted as pathfinders on the path of evolution.

Gandhi’s non-violent ways, Che Guevara’s fighter’s spirit and Picasso’s non-verbally grabbing the liberty of self expression through Art, make us realize the different channels through which a single idea can be worked upon. They were grooved by social, political and cultural back ground or nature of the society that they lived in and experienced. But I feel that the ideals put forth by these three men are very progressive and inspiring even in this era. The common factors for their revolutionary advent were their sensitivity towards injustice, lack of brotherhood and denied freedom rights; and that is why I have brought them together on one platform to show their revolutionary resemblances in diversity that speaks the mind of every human being around the globe. I have tried to keep up the spirit and feeling of various evolution practices that human nature possess. Through the visual expression and a dialogue with the viewers through visual language, 

I wish to achieve my aim of communicating my motive behind these portraits. To create the greater impact of the images, I have used pixels. As per my experience in Print Media I know that pixels play an important role in clarity of image so I used wooden rods to create pixels and extruded the pixel’s level along with the appropriate use of colour composition for the best resolution. The confidence and resolution on their faces is highlighted and so also my intention of portraying them. I hope the installation is appealing to you as it is to me.