Tuesday 6 October 2015

Compendium of Thoughts- Paintings by Vijay Achrekar

Nothing is larger than Life. Abstract art presents its definition and vastness metaphorically. “Let my art speak for me.”, was a subdued answer given by the artist to me, when I asked him to speak about his art. Truly, his visual expression is excellent and captivating. His thoughtfulness is clearly seen in his paintings. A gold medalist from LS. Raheja College was determined to be an artist from his early childhood. 

Starting with realistic expressions, he has now progressed onto express in abstract form. His entire career journey shows us that he is inspired to paint what he sees around, whether beauty or harsh realities. Paintings are his personal reactions and anticipations of situations.
He paints each and any subject that strikes his thoughts and urges him to express his thoughts on it, in visual form. The common vibe of all paintings are, the clarity and beauty. 

Expression are uncomplicated and can be easily interpreted without hassle. His experimentation with varied topics have been impressive because of the various techniques that he adopts. In this series we find that he has used mason’s tool, the trowel, not only for smoothening the texture of canvas, but its form is also seen in the painting that can be interpreted as the symbol of a reason or influence that would help levelling, spreading peace in upheaval order of today’s state of nation. 

 Artist Vijay Achrekar (copyright image by artist)

He is aware that people are distracted and disturbed by wrong influences and are getting detached from social interactions due to self-centred motives. This must be immediately controlled. No! But wiped away completely for having good will and peace around. To represent this thought, he paints triangles. Triangle is basically, a geometrically represented metaphor of developmental, cultural and social psychology.  It also shows relation between individuals and individual and society. In one of his paintings two triangles are joined at one angle, so it is quite possible that artist is hopeful to find a way to bring harmony in the society. Thus, anticipating the peaceful future.

(Recent work by Vijay Achrekar)
Along with the effective concept, artist also concentrates on basic necessity of abstract creation i.e. use of colours. He deliberately uses vibrant colours. Different colours are combined for perfect intensity and it becomes more effective with his improvised technique of smoothening the surface of canvas before painting, to give a free flow and suave effect.   

Right from his student days, his art has always made an impression on the viewer; provoking some or the other kind of reaction. Brushing off the positive or negative reaction, he is gratified by their interest in his creations. He carries on painting his thoughts with serenity without bothering about consequences. Since he does not follow any ‘ism’ or great artist, his art is free from any influence. Whatever strikes his mind and appeals him to express, is put on the canvas. He always experiments using new techniques to enhance his work. His overall journey as an artist shows his profound interest in realistic subjects and not imaginative or world of fantasy.  

By Pankaja JK.