Wednesday 20 October 2021

A Woman...their different stories behind their respective lives -Damini Gupta

Basically nature has played a very important role in being my inspiration throughout my life. 

Art can be a meditation, or a place to reach when you're searching for solace. I feel the real me when I spend time doing my paintings. I'm an artist because somewhere I'm less expressive through my words, so I express through my paintings. Since childhood, I was interested in paintings, used to sketch and paint a lot. I’ve completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialized in Painting from Amity University, Noida in year 2018. Also, currently I’m pursuing Masters of Arts- Drawing and Painting from IGNOU, Delhi.

My inspiration comes from God's creation, A Woman...their different stories behind their respective lives. My work tends to focus on women of our society who directly or indirectly blames themselves for every wrong deed happens to them. Whether their physical appearance, facial hairs, sacrificing of dreams for someone, caged in Society's boundaries, breakup, jealousy and many other emotions, though not intended but they started hating themselves. So now I'm obsessed with depicting our emotions…lifestyle, freedom, jealousy, physical appearance, inner soul, self love and self care. After painting and inspiring so much from today's women, one day I came across my own self. The motive which I have been searching for, I understated one very fine day that there was a pattern of thinking before putting it onto the canvas.

That is why I became an Artist express emotions through my art.


Damini Gupta -Artist

(New Delhi, Delhi)


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