Saturday 31 March 2018

My name is Ujjayani Nandi, Print maker as live on plant Earth

“I want to do so many things, and I know that I can but the only thing which I need is little bit support”. This is not only my verdict or thoughts but I think every woman have it in herself.
Ujjayani Nandi 

                   I Ujjayani Nandi artist from the North Eastern part of India, form a very last time try to present inner puzzle or hidden desires of a Woman. I completed my graduation and Masters from IKSVV Khairagarh. I believe in changes and for this I believe to break stereotypes and for it I consider my art as a most powerful medium.

          Being a lady with bold character… no doubt, I always make my way from no way, and try to express the suppressed feeling of women through my art work. Being an artist I always try to send progressive messages to the society so we can make a better world for everyone. I believe in freedom and of course women freedom, which is our dominant desire for a better world.

          Nature is a dominant think which attract my art forms, just imagine if it may possible that tree, birds, animals can express their feelings or the things which going with them then I truly think that it must be look like my work, which have all that natural form and textures. I draw what I feel. I always try to create those feelings which come out from the incidence which happen to me or a woman nearby to me. My issues are very minor, mostly not noticed by many people, for ex I grew up in my family with my younger brother in same love and care but still at certain point we experience the difference of low and high among us. Surely we didn’t face gender discrimination in an educated family like us, but still I feel it any how in many places, though I have equal rights as my brother.

I try to imply this view through my work, I am sure that it is not my pain but yes it is the bitter truth which I feel at many aspects of my life.

          “A lady is a perfect Home maker” actually this is the basic ideology of our society and somehow I also agree with it. A lady is actually a home maker doesn’t matter that she is a working woman or a house wife, she always have a responsibility of making, she was treated as a leader of this task but still she didn’t enjoyed the freedom of taking open decision in the making of her own vision. This thought always fascinated me and of course I feel it too many times which come as an imagination in my prints.

          Yes I can say, that my prints speak women’s emotions, my emotions and yes I just love to do it, because it gives a relief to my thunder  through which I can assure myself that, yes I express what I feel. It gives me such a strong feeling of expression which actually oxidized my nature of freedom.

by Pooja Upadhyay

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