Friday 9 May 2014

Revolution Art - PRESS RELEASE Exhibition: Contemporary Paintings of Tuka Jadhav with his friends coming soon at Art Gate Gallery Mumbai

Einstein once said that the most incredible thing about the universe is that it is credible at all. There is chaos as well as order in it and after failing to find the Holy Grail of Science in his “Grand Unified Theory" Einstein took comfort in the peace and joy he found in the pursuit of art and music. It is a sad irony of our times that a sight impaired artist should embark on a guest to become the new visionary of the cosmic harmony that eluded Einstein himself. The art of painting can reflect reality like a mirror or distort it like a prism and it is but a magic alchemy of forms expressed in colour and texture in the manner of a shaman and sorcerer as Degas confessed. To give it an attribute of divine revelation is to rob the glory of creation from the creator himself. 

Tuka Jadhav's story is as tragic as it is thought provoking. His rise from humble origins to win the Bendre-Husain Award is an inspiration to others. His catastrophic loss of vision an eclipse at the zenith of his career. His attempts at a renaissance are exemplary and grandiose. We are all moved by the divine beauty of creation reflected in nature. A writer and poet try to express it in words, a musician by melody and a painter with colour. "Synergism” is the coming together ef such creative energies to bring about peace and harmony. The mood is created by the abstract "Buddha" installation using a bicycle wheel, seat and screw. The centre-piece of the show is a gigantic 110 x 200" work called "Cosmic Harmony". It evokes the timeless and eternal influence of the Sun and the Moon to make nature blossom on earth. Like the Yin and Yang of existence the artist's handprint above the red-black sun expresses the commingling of matter and spirit.

A series of six river paintings pay homage to the water element as the source and sustenance of the stream of life. This aspect of “Pravaah" the eternal ebb and flew ef thoughts, moods and feelings finds expression in myriad forms and colour schemes in Tuka's work. Like words and rhyme to a poet and melody and rhythm to a musician they are an integral part of his an of "Synergism". The two evocative works in swirling red, white end green celled "Flowing Ganges" end "Triveni Sangam" capture this essence end spirit. They were made on the spot et Assi Ghat end Rudra Prayag end inspired by their sacred piety. “Empty River” end "Niranjani" have green traces of haunting memories of a lost Iushness of his rustic youth. The massive 11O x 110" work "Tarang" is full of a buoyant and rippling spirit end recalls Tuka's eloquent verse in "Brush Blossoms". The "Song of the Waghori” gives e musical expression in colour to being free as a bird of paradise.

"Bhoomi Sparsha" in ethereal blue and white is e flight of fancy celebrating the meeting of the heavenly and earthly realms, "Prayer" shows e worshipful figure in William de Kooning's style, "Sonography" and "Bicycle" explore the formal aspects further, "Godhra Mother" and "26/11 War" are stark reminders of the terrors of our troubled times, the kite-shaped works "Heart & Soul" and "For Neal Armstrong" are soaring tributes to friend Shiveji Kale and Neel Armstrong the first men on the moon. The serene “Ahimsa" and "Life Fundamentals" with the embedded "Aum" of creation.

Complete the set with the vertical panel "Global Peace" which brings us beck to the show's sombre theme. Tuka's vision is grandiose. Whet it may Iack in exactitude he tries to make up with the exuberance end extravagance of his irrepressible spirit. Like e spark in the dark it rekindles e forlorn hope for a way to find some "Cosmic Harmony" in the darkness and despair of our times as we celebrate Diwali  Eid end Christmas as the festivals of light.

Like a Spark in the Dark
lonely firefly left his mark
In the darkness of the night
Like him I sought the Light!

The artist lives and works in Mumbai. 
He can be contacted at: call +022 4213 8855 or emailed at
Exhibition details: May 22 – 2nd june (11.00 am to 7.00 pm) 11.00 am – 3.00 pm Art Gate Gallery 1st Floor (above Satyam Collection) Chheda Sadan 115, J Tata Road Churchgate Mumbai, India


( Report courtesy C. S. Nag. (Author & Filmmaker) 

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