Saturday 8 May 2021

Combat feminism with a mustache, because every woman is becoming a man more than herself. by Tathi Premchand

ANDOLAN, a movement initiated to praise women and their ultimate strong persona, their paramount insight, and their superlative forbearance. Andolan steps forward to clamor against pseudo feminism, causing much defilement to women rather than hale. “Combating and competing has become so crucial to genders that they have lost their values and prominence. The woman is becoming more like a man, abandoning her vibrance. Feminine with a mustache.”-said Tathi premchand.

Artist: Tathi Premchand

The aura created by Premchand’s vision stimulates every sense of living. His works have the capacity to raise questions as well as to make any person stunned by giving untold answers. The works laid on sheets are much of what comes from his subconscious rather than pre-planned methods. When asked how he configure and manage to create such depth in the paintings? He answered, “I observe, sketch twice a day, sense my expressions and then collaborate.”

Tathi Premchand’s works hold variance according to the dissemination of his dialect. He invests all that is necessary to display the deliberation. From forms to figures, erotic to static, moods to moments the paintings are a combination of what we come across every day. Inspired by his town city and people living there, the drawings are more often black and white,” I’ve always been curious how we see colors through our lens but dreams and visuals going in the mind are inevitably black and white, on the contrary I want people to fill up colors according to their moods and diurnal experiences” he says. The paintings and sketches hold discernment of human life, struggles, desires and dualities of wit that we behold inside.

Drawing on graph paper -2012

The series of 70 works being processed since 2013 drives our attention towards the way how humans have progressed and are ravelled in their own aspirations, sovereignty and aesthetics. How the animals dwelling inside each of us is silently waiting for their prey. “we all are animals inside, always craving for more. Whether it is food, sexual eagerness, or wants to excel over others, we always expect for more.” The artist affirms.

In most of Tathi Premchand’s presentation women plays a vital role. He anticipates women as a preserver, a collector while a male as a ravager. Though both contributes equal to society, women many a times have to undergo a bulldoze pressure of mimicking the image of male as well. He repudiates the thought of women being frail but consider her powerful, a soul who is the creator, creator of human, house, love, affection and rejoice.

From eternity man has forged a sphere where women are wielded according to his comfort, and in retribution women is shaping herself like male, vying him to be self-sustained which eventually compressing her by carrying all the responsibilities on her supple shoulders. “I feel women is a combination of energies, she is synergy, but in order to beat man, that too due to his own vile practices, she is being misused.” The artist said.

Not being a hoax feminist, Tathi Premchand always believes in equality of genders, but as in reality and norms set by masculine dominant society women have to encounter challenges and pronouncements. If she becomes competitive enough to face them, she’s being condemned. Her efforts and endeavours are never appreciated, but always judged and doubted. “I admire and acknowledge how courageously women compete the foul boundations set by men.” Added Premchand.

The physiological and psychological characteristics of man and woman created by extramundane powers holds their own purposes and motives. Both contribute well towards living, competing each other or penetrating into other’s sphere of traits may create indecent and foul results. Hence, respecting other’s freedom and persona will bring a vital change in further future.

Man and woman together fabricate the world, which invokes the sense of living. Women being much sensual, men are considered more attractive and alluring according to Tathi Premchand, adding on examples like Lion, Peacock, Cock etc. Accepting male’s delightful appeal women always get fascinated, which provokes her to embellish and adorn the ways she looks. Male of the contrary need no such extra enhancements for his appeal.

Lust is what every human craves for and in many of the paintings that libido can be seen in form of animals and their hunger. Animals do not care about moral sense when it comes to fulfil their starvation. Likewise, humans are a cluster of their unrevealed desires. They are not much concerned about matters and morals when it comes to attain their wishes.

Andolan, a gesture started to untangle the dubiety of stubborn society with minimal drawings that are gratifying to view and provoke us to think down from the top surface. The artist profess that his paintings and works are not just to be glance and to be showcased but to disclose his real nous, that may compel the living to revitalize.

As we get conscious about the paintings and understand them, we figure out that every painting has its own value and sense of representation. The artist is making us aware of dark side by depicting them in different temperaments. Using ink as a medium, Premchand manifests that our lives are too like ink, dark, fluid but when used correctly every stroke laid can covey a significant knowledge.

“my paintings are better than sex.” A quotation remarked by Tathi premchand, signifies that his paintings are pleasure to experience, provides great impact on thinking and you will always be keen to encounter more. Nature, forms, colours and characters modifies him with every stroke laid. Observing the psyche and understanding how every soul’s desires are different yet have same aspirations.


by Sanchita Sharma