Sunday 25 April 2021

Andolan fundraiser is an initiative to help out fellow artists in this lockdown situation.


Andolan fundraiser is an initiative to help out fellow artists in this lockdown situation.

We would like to ask artists in need to reach out to us to know about this event more.

In this event, some of the fund of the drawings sold will go towards helping artists who need them.

Please share as much as possible, as more sales will lead to more funds to distribute to the ones in need.

Nippon Gallery Presents  | 100 Drawing on - Screen Show

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Saturday 24 April 2021

Pause 1 and Pause 2. Different for other you can pause the show - Nippon Gallery

Nippon  Gallery presents the show " PAUSE" which is curated by Heena Shaikh and Nippon contemporary  is the creator of new era for young artists in Mumbai and Online Viewing platform now active as leading in India. For me as Heena Shaikh Artist is one of the biggest challenges that we all faced in recent times is the change of work ethic and methods in the situation these days. As everyone did go through this challenge over this past year, everyone tried to make the best of it. The show ‘’Pause’’ represents that fruitful result of the changes we witnessed through artist’s point of view. Conversations and all the process changed to online, in a blink of an eye. In these times, our goal was to gather artists from different places from India and bring all their different art styles together for all the people to see. The enthusiastic contribution by all the artists made it possible to put a great show online for everyone to see. With a number of different of art styles and works, the plan of having one online show split into two ‘’Pause 1 and Pause 2.’’ This exhibition offers works by 19 young artists who suggest and focuses on the subjects who we are facing or deals with it in the everyday lives that we hardly observe. Adapting to this new era of gallery and bringing people together has been a wonderful and intriguing project to work on in this lockdown period.

Artist:  Prashant Patil, Rohan Khuntale, Tufan Pramanik, Anurag Paul, Kajal Kashyap, Supriyo Karmakar, Ashwam Salokhe, Chetan Shetti, Sarika Kumari, Uttam Sajane, Ami Patel, Mahdieh Azizirad, Pratibha Sarkar, Vikram Marathe, Rachita Dutta, Suman Das, Amit Kalla, Ramchandra Pokale, Yash Pal.   

Artist : Prashant Patil - Santiniketan -Kolkata / Right image - Recent works 

Artist: Prashant Patil - Santiniketan Kolkata

Currently Prashant Patil working at Santiniketan (West Bengal). Santiniketan is surrounded by small Santhali villages, where the Santhals continue to live a traditional lifestyle. They make their own mud houses with unique interior structure and arrangements expressing their aesthetic sense. Those things enchanted me.

Drawing, Painting, Photography and Installation. I was interested in collecting objects, mostly from streets and footpaths in rural villages. The present condition of an object also provides means to peep into its history, its riches and desertion. I was drawn to the objects which were engulfed by cobwebs. These cobwebs not only depicted the present condition of the object but also the past it experienced and this inspired me to draw in a 3d space.

The idea of making drawings in the form of cobwebs, changed my art practice entirely. It allowed me to elevate my artworks from paper surface drawing to a more occupying physical space. I started working with the glue gun to create 3D drawing and used a spotlight to project its shadow on the walls of a dark room. By claiming three-dimensional space I was able to let the shadows have a dialogue with the empty wall. This subtle interaction of fragile web on a solid and hard surface, expresses temporariness of existence. Lingering shadows on the wall present themselves as a strong medium in itself, their presence gives viewers a chance to wonder upon true existence (reality) and mere illusion of it.


Artist: Uttam Sajane / Recent works

Artist: Uttam Sajane – Maharashtra


Uttam Sajane paint to experience the world within me and it is my meditation where I am searching for myself through lines. It is sublime feeling that affects me very deeply. We always use our logical mind every time. I want to say accept LINES AS A LINES; COLORS AS A COLORS AND DOTS AS A DOTS. Do not ask question because there is no explanation. Over the years painting helped me to quiet my mind, find my peace and connected again with inner itself. I am compelled by my emotions.


Artist with recent works Amit Kalla

Artist: Amit Kalla – Rajasthan,

Paul Klee the master painter gives prominence to the creative journey of an artist, which he calls becoming, it has plenty of meaning in language of opinion. Indian writer Nirmal Verma suggests the conception of the term “experiencing” which again designate the indigenise idiom “yatra”—journey, certainly larger then “experience” there is a sense of endlessness, which denotes the expression of process. Indian abstract master Prabhakar kolte consider him under the adoration of the same thought. during these days, due to long lockdown, this is the first time when am staying so elongate in my studio, which absolutely a integral part of my home, I am very much unwavering and very much stabled due to persistently surrounding with colour, canvas and other art material Infect all along with lots and lots of catalogues and reference books which certainly a great bless for me, having the benefit of such companionship. Meanwhile I am firm in my own creative breathing space which undoubtedly a kind of complete world for me, providing the enhance scope in such space where I deeply realise and contemplate to being with the self in actual.


Artist Vikaram Marathe - Righside recent works in Pause show - Nippon

Artist: Vikram Marathe - Pune

Rust painting begins in 1994. I was a great follower of the artist late Prabhakar Barwe. After reading his book ‘Kora Canvas’ (Blank Canvas), I started writing him letters about my thoughts, questions about art. Also, I asked him about his journey in the field of art. In one of his replies, I learned that in his early carrier he has experimented with various materials. I also wanted to explore different mediums. While looking at the stains of rust on the workshop floor, I started to work on rust as a medium. Prabhakar Barwe encouraged me with his blessings.

Somehow I stopped working in this media but again started to work in rust from 2014. I have exhibited them in my past shows. I feel that the stains of the rust are the frozen moments of time and my imagery is based on the objects such as horoscope, manuscripts which holds time or a period within them. I am working as a museum curator, so I handle such antiquities every day which has started reflecting in my work.

Heena Waghmare

I would like to thank Nippon Gallery to give me an opportunity and a stage to come together with all the artists and do this online show. It would be our pleasure to catch you all in this show.  Nippon Gallery is highly obliged to welcome you all. Kindly visit our website and show your interest in magical artworks by young superb artists and make this show successful. Nippon is India’s  leading online contemporary art space.


PAUSE -  1/2 / show

Nippon Gallery Presents 19 Artists | 200 Artworks on - Screen Show

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Friday 16 April 2021

"THE REVELATION" by Bandana Jain

Contemporary Artist Bandana Jain introduces her artwork named REVELATION. Artist Bandana Jain captures the profound beauty and vulnerability of marine life with her artwork- “REVELATION”. Jain tries to depict the immediacy of trauma caused by the oil spills on our sea creatures, telling us the story of those tragic victims. This environmental catastrophe has a devastating impact on life within coastal and marine ecosystems. The antiquity of the mirror and the fluid pattern of corrugation contemplate the lookalike pattern of oil in water emulsion. It serves as a clear reflection of the anticipated damage to marine life. Artist gives us a hopeful reminder of preserving our planet’s marine beauty from harmful human interventions. . Artists inevitably bring personal and unique interpretations to each idea, site, social construct, and aesthetic potential. In this way, artists can be social and civic leaders, advocating through art for alternative perspectives that can question assumptions, beliefs, and community values.


Bandana Jain: Bandana Jain is a contemporary artist and a design expert. An award-winning personality strongly connects with the idea of sustainability. For Bandana the idea of being ethical is a way of thinking and a lifestyle that is a fair trade with nature. Her love for the environment is vividly visible from the kind of work she does. She is passionate about working with the recycled materials to create something stunning. 

For Bandana, her work is not just a piece of art but a cause to make the world a better place to live in. Bandana’s artwork has been highly recognized by some of the well-known personalities and art connoisseurs in the industry. Having sufficient experience at hand she has also entered into art curation which gives her an opportunity to inform, educate and inspire the public. Always aiming to create a thought-provoking artwork.

If you would like more information about this topic at website: Instagram- @bandanajain_

Wednesday 7 April 2021

“Don’t want Flowers and Poems, give us love and respect in your world.”

 Introducing 19th women artists bringing light and knowledge by their art works in their upcoming show. 

Pooja Kukadiya, Debosmita samanta, Prachi Sahasrabudhe, Aarushi zarthosshtimanesh, Akshita monga,Rucha Kulkarni, Malavika Reddy, Devki Modi, Preeti Sethi, Rajani Arya, Yamini Mohan, Nidhi Garg, Lajja Shah, Nandita Basak, Pallavi Aseri, Dipali Deshpande, Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin, Moumita Das, Spriha Maurya. 

They are going to visual portray themselves, as well as their everyday life, explore and express with feminine perspective through their visual poem.

Artist: Akshika Monga

Akshita Monga, currently studying Classical Fine Art in Barcelona. I feel strongly about having a strong feminine voice and positive identification of the naked female body, because we all know its BEAUTIFUL but the sexual objectification of it has made it hide behind covers. Through my work I try to study this beautiful creation, and empower it in my own voice of art. My work spans across various media (Digital, Mix Media & Traditional), I’m constantly experimenting with different styles & techniques, to expand my vocabulary of the arts. Very passionate and an avid learner, I aspire to be a well-taught artist and I’m constantly working towards this goal.

Recent works by Malavika Reddy

Malavika Reddy did her BFA from MS University, Baroda. Malavika said that nature is a manifestation of a power beyond our own understanding and we find great power in being able to express herself when she paints or draw elements of nature. Her point of view life being expressed through Expression. There is also the undeniable aspect of withering and death, an end but not a full stop, the beginning of a fresh start. She said women have struggle to be acknowledged or respected in a society that more often than not doesn't see their contribution and deeper essence, her presence, like nature is undeniable.

Recent works by Debosmita Samanta 

Debosmita Samanta, completed her MFA from S.N school of Arts and communication, Hyderabad Central University and BFA from College of Art and Design, Burdwan University. She could probably find a place in the fragile spaces between fiction and autobiography memories and personal experiences are the bedrock of her paintings. Memories, love, personal mythology, family history interpretation of self-psychology yolk together her works inspiration and it's thematic scheme. The images in her paintings serve as dual metaphors that are attuned to historical importance and documentation of certain incidents or real-life stories. All the myriad images formed that is perhaps lying dormant in our deep experiential memory are represented by the images in her paintings. The psychological and emotional aspects of a woman's life, her transitional identity and the state of a perplexed existence are reflected in her art works.

Recent works by Pooja Kukadiya

Pooja kukadiya's is portrayed - when the river flows, it water doesn't dwell into the thoughts of meeting the ocean, it simply flows. This is exactly what Pooja did. She flowed she accept the truth she became the truth. Pooja like to paint wall art and breathe life into it by weaving and creating stories and performances around it. As a visual artist, she deeply believes in the power of surreal living. She feel that she has a home, a refuge , a place of work and worship in her mind and there she truly feel alive and give birth to things , people call 'art' explore her wall art and her interaction with it, in the visual poem called 'Lost' and meet and know her through Rahasya.

Rucha Kulkarni is completed her MFA from MS University Baroda, and BFA from university of Pune. She worked on the traditional Maharashtrian hand stitched baby quilt. 'The baby quilt, (Dupate). One day during community art project Quilt culture, she was working with Godhari quilters and it generally started discussing about siblings one young women told about her six dead sisters and the practice of female feticide in her neighborhood shaken to the core, she asked her , why she isn't blaming her parents for it  - how could she complain, when she has still alive? They kept her alive where as six of her sisters didn't make it out of the womb. She said it and continue making baby quilt.

Last but not the least, we urge art lovers and viewers to support the female expression and their views. The constant struggle in this particular society, men rule the roost and women have low status and few rights. the female artists are expressing that women don’t want flowers and poems. They want to live and exists as equals in the male society. They want love and respect. They are narrating themselves as examples. 

It would be our pleasure to catch you all in this show.  Nippon art gallery is highly obliged to welcome you all. Kindly visit our website and show your interest in magical artworks by young superb artists and make this show successful.


On - screen show Viewing : 8 to 14 April  2021

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