Wednesday 7 April 2021

“Don’t want Flowers and Poems, give us love and respect in your world.”

 Introducing 19th women artists bringing light and knowledge by their art works in their upcoming show. 

Pooja Kukadiya, Debosmita samanta, Prachi Sahasrabudhe, Aarushi zarthosshtimanesh, Akshita monga,Rucha Kulkarni, Malavika Reddy, Devki Modi, Preeti Sethi, Rajani Arya, Yamini Mohan, Nidhi Garg, Lajja Shah, Nandita Basak, Pallavi Aseri, Dipali Deshpande, Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin, Moumita Das, Spriha Maurya. 

They are going to visual portray themselves, as well as their everyday life, explore and express with feminine perspective through their visual poem.

Artist: Akshika Monga

Akshita Monga, currently studying Classical Fine Art in Barcelona. I feel strongly about having a strong feminine voice and positive identification of the naked female body, because we all know its BEAUTIFUL but the sexual objectification of it has made it hide behind covers. Through my work I try to study this beautiful creation, and empower it in my own voice of art. My work spans across various media (Digital, Mix Media & Traditional), I’m constantly experimenting with different styles & techniques, to expand my vocabulary of the arts. Very passionate and an avid learner, I aspire to be a well-taught artist and I’m constantly working towards this goal.

Recent works by Malavika Reddy

Malavika Reddy did her BFA from MS University, Baroda. Malavika said that nature is a manifestation of a power beyond our own understanding and we find great power in being able to express herself when she paints or draw elements of nature. Her point of view life being expressed through Expression. There is also the undeniable aspect of withering and death, an end but not a full stop, the beginning of a fresh start. She said women have struggle to be acknowledged or respected in a society that more often than not doesn't see their contribution and deeper essence, her presence, like nature is undeniable.

Recent works by Debosmita Samanta 

Debosmita Samanta, completed her MFA from S.N school of Arts and communication, Hyderabad Central University and BFA from College of Art and Design, Burdwan University. She could probably find a place in the fragile spaces between fiction and autobiography memories and personal experiences are the bedrock of her paintings. Memories, love, personal mythology, family history interpretation of self-psychology yolk together her works inspiration and it's thematic scheme. The images in her paintings serve as dual metaphors that are attuned to historical importance and documentation of certain incidents or real-life stories. All the myriad images formed that is perhaps lying dormant in our deep experiential memory are represented by the images in her paintings. The psychological and emotional aspects of a woman's life, her transitional identity and the state of a perplexed existence are reflected in her art works.

Recent works by Pooja Kukadiya

Pooja kukadiya's is portrayed - when the river flows, it water doesn't dwell into the thoughts of meeting the ocean, it simply flows. This is exactly what Pooja did. She flowed she accept the truth she became the truth. Pooja like to paint wall art and breathe life into it by weaving and creating stories and performances around it. As a visual artist, she deeply believes in the power of surreal living. She feel that she has a home, a refuge , a place of work and worship in her mind and there she truly feel alive and give birth to things , people call 'art' explore her wall art and her interaction with it, in the visual poem called 'Lost' and meet and know her through Rahasya.

Rucha Kulkarni is completed her MFA from MS University Baroda, and BFA from university of Pune. She worked on the traditional Maharashtrian hand stitched baby quilt. 'The baby quilt, (Dupate). One day during community art project Quilt culture, she was working with Godhari quilters and it generally started discussing about siblings one young women told about her six dead sisters and the practice of female feticide in her neighborhood shaken to the core, she asked her , why she isn't blaming her parents for it  - how could she complain, when she has still alive? They kept her alive where as six of her sisters didn't make it out of the womb. She said it and continue making baby quilt.

Last but not the least, we urge art lovers and viewers to support the female expression and their views. The constant struggle in this particular society, men rule the roost and women have low status and few rights. the female artists are expressing that women don’t want flowers and poems. They want to live and exists as equals in the male society. They want love and respect. They are narrating themselves as examples. 

It would be our pleasure to catch you all in this show.  Nippon art gallery is highly obliged to welcome you all. Kindly visit our website and show your interest in magical artworks by young superb artists and make this show successful.


On - screen show Viewing : 8 to 14 April  2021

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19Artists| 100 incredible pieces of art we are presenting.

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