Wednesday 24 March 2021

67th National Film Awards: Raj Pritam More win Best Debut Director

Raj Pritam More has won the National Award for Best Directorial Debut for his short film Khisa (2020). The prestigious awards were announced on Monday.

Raj More 

Under the Banner of PP Cine Production Mumbai and Laal tippafilms , Movie Khisa is Produced by Santosh Maithani and Raj More.The film has been shot at  Akola ( Vidarbha).  

The short film is about the loss of innocence that reflects the harsh reality of today's polarized times.

Even after becoming a successful painter, my primary interest was filmmaking, says Raj More

More told  that he was delighted about winning the coveted award. "Every filmmaker wishes to win a National Award," he said.

The filmmaker, a respected contemporary visual artist, said the award has given him a lot of confidence. "This was my first film and I had invested the past two years in it. It had won many awards at various international festivals but after it got selected for the International Film Festival of India this year, I realized that there was a chance that we could win the National Award. I can't contain my happiness. I would also like to thank my team, especially my Saimarjit Sight (DOP) and my Santosh Maithani (editor) for having full faith in my vision and he is also co-producers with me on this short film khisa. I was a new, and they were experienced technicians, but still, they showed confidence in me and backed me all the way.

This announcement couldn't have come at a better time for More,  as he is planning to pitch his next feature film script to producers. "This National Award can make the road ahead a little smoother for someone like me who has no background in filmmaking. Because when you get the tag of 'National Award-winning director' people welcome you and are more willing to listen to your script narrations."

Khisa is about a Class 4 student who decides to get a large pocket stitched on his school shirt. He is proud of his pocket because it sets him apart from the rest of the schoolchildren. But his seemingly innocent action has far-reaching political implications for the adults of his village.

Khisa bring another glory in new year 2021.


Khisa Win Best Debut Direct-Raj Pritam More ( Non -feature film Categorey-Short Film) in 67th National Film Awards for the year 2019.

The short film is Directed by Raj More. Under the Banner of PP Cine Production Mumbai and Laal tippa Films , Movie Khisa is Produced by Santosh Maithani and Raj More. . The film has been shot at  Akola ( Vidarbha).  

India's Marathi short film''Khisa''(Pocket) after power packed screening at Indian Panorama for  51st International film festival of India, Goa 2021.Audience,film critic and celebrates like a short film and always taking in all social media. Khisa making its way to India after acclaimed so many international awards.

.KHISA winner of 2 awards at 13th Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) 2021 in International competition worldwood International Paronima-For Shorts in Short Fiction Category.



Khisa winner of 3 Awards.

1)Best Short film

2) Best Director

3) Best Script

At Ujjiani short Film Festival 2021,its Central India's biggest film festival.

Warm gratitude to gauhati cine club and 13th International Guwahati Film Festival 2021 for honourining our short film''Khisa'(pocket) win 2nd Short Film Award..


Khisa Special Screening at 7th Rajastan International film festival 2021 present by IFFI Goa (Indian paronoma)

Khisa win Best short film at 5th Indian Film Festival 2021.



Khisa is the directorial debut of the director Raj Pritam More ,who won the 54th National Academy award by Lalit kala Academy,tells about his first film'khisa'.The story is a narrative on the social environment of the country and a narrow perspective even today,In a small village in Maharashtra, the story of a boy who stitches a pocket bigger than other children's pockets  on his own pocket.The ''khisa''Pocket is a heart touching story of the loss of innocence and coming-of-age of a young boy, is ironically symbolic of the times we live in.Its is a heart touching tale of a boy which will definitely give the audience a different perspective.


He also tells about very thanks to all technicians special editor, cinematography , writer and whole khisa team without whom its not opposible to create this beautiful film. Marathi movies are reaching new heights every day. Marathi content is making its marks not only in the country but all over the world. This 16 minute film will make a place in everyone's heart.


Khisa has got so many international awards, nominations and official selection. 

From early this, short film ''Khisa'' won 2 Awards at the Istanbul Film Awards 2020.Best Film and Best Screenplay, 2 award international awards and in India very prestigious Screenplay Awards at 10th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival,New Delhi .India -20 .

Khisa also qualifies to compete for the prestigious Golden star Awards at the annual live screening gala of IFA,which will be held in Istanbul,Turkey in March 2021.


Also got a nomination for Best international Short Film and Best Director at Dublin International short and music festival 2020.Khisa also shown at world's premier online screening at (DISFMF) Dublin International short and music festival 20.


Khisa  got  2 prestigious awards at  Mumbai International cult Film Festival. BEST DEBUT DIRECTOR (MICFF GOLD) and BEST ACTOR IN SUPPORTING ROLE (SPECIAL JURY MENTIO). And it's also Official selection at Montreal Independent Film Festival Canada 2020 and  26th (KIFF) Kolkata International Film Festival 20. Official Selection at Dioroma International film festival  2020. Official Selection at (Jiff) Jaipur international film festival 2020.

Official Selection at Singapore international film festival 2020.  

It's also Official Selection at Dioroma Indie Shorts Awards Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020.


''Khisa''  is also selected at  Dharamshala International Film Festival  and set to world premiere at the prestigious Dharamshala International Film Festival .


Written by Kailash Waghmare ,Short film editor Santosh Maithani,Director of Photography Simarjit Singh Suman,Music by Parijat Chakraborty,Sound recordist by Kushal Sarda.Kailash Waghmare,Meenakshi Rathod,Shruti Madhydeep ,Dr Sheshpal Ganvir and Vedant Shrisagar (child actor) are in the lead roles.

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