Friday 9 December 2022

Interview: Formless in Form A solo show of works by AKIE YANAGISAWA Showcased at Nippon Gallery, Mumbai

 Appreciating each aspect of living and cherishing every expression of life, Akie Yanagisawa grew up moulding her experiences into pieces of art. The diligent way of bringing all her feelings and energy to the artworks channel a communication between herself and the material world. During her expeditions to various countries, she acknowledged that artistry is perpetual and from there she got a blend of sophistication and inspiration to draw and paint her surroundings.While capturing moments in the artworks, she never bound herself to any particular medium or style. In her notion, art unites all, just like the notes of music do, who are different, create different melodies, but eventually are pleasing.Every artwork that she creates is a different reflection of herself in varied situations in life.The use of strong and bold colours accompanied by soft and mushy strokes are what magnet the focus of the audience. Her artworks create a story in which every painting depicts an episode.


1: It is true that for an artist creation is life, can you elaborate on your journey of life as an artist?

What I experienced as a female, daughter, mother, and wife in this material world has given me every reflection of myself in different roles I need to play, they brought me all I needed for understanding who I am and what  I need in my life, every time I feel joy, sad, empty, it becomes my life. I appreciate every person I met and everything I had until this moment. Through these I got what I exactly wanted in my life, which is being myself, my drawings, paintings and artwork, it is the way I show my connections with myself in this world. I am at that moment where I am doing creation, I bring all my feelings and energy to a piece to a communication with myself. This is the art in my creative life.

2. Since you try to capture moments in your art, do you believe that adding abstract notions in the artworks makes them more personal and meaningful?

The moments when I have special feelings that bring me sparkle impulses me to paint or draw, I think we always have such moments every day. When I created these moments on my canvases they turn into abstract shapes or something very real, whatever I experience or sense through my mind. Every creation is a different reflection of me in different situations and a connection with myself, they are all important to me.

3. What significant difference do you sense is in western and Asian art? Do you feel culture is more powerful than concepts?

Thinking of the differences sometimes forces me to understand more about myself, we all have a very brilliant part of ourselves that makes us think about life without boundaries. In my world, there are no boundaries and comparisons. This is just like in the music, we only have 7 notes, but we can make different music from these notes. Culture is made from our life in different areas under different eras, but as much as I am connected with myself I don’t feel anything powerfully.

The show was a huge success.

Great thanks to the artist AKIE YANAGISAWA and Curator of the show Tathi Premchand

Formless in Form

A solo show of works by


Showcased at

Nippon Gallery, Mumbai