Saturday 26 September 2020

Khisa(Pocket) short film worldwide online premiere screening at 9th Dublin International short film and Music festival Ireland 2020.

Marathi movies are reaching new heights every day.Marathi content is making its marks not only in the country but all over the world.Another short film Directed by Raj Pritam More is ''Khisa''(Pocket) ( Marathi with English subtitles,15.31 mins) 2020.PP Cine Production Mumbai Presents in association with Laaltippa Films.Producer by Santosh Maithani and Raj Pritam More.Written by Kailash Waghmare.



From early this short ''Khisa'' won 2 Awards at the Istanbul Film Awards 2020.Best Film and Best Screen play 2 award international awards and In India very prestigious Screenplay Awards at  10th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival,New Delhi .India -20 .

Its also a short film qualifies to compete for the prestigious Golden star Awards at the annual live screening gala of IFA,which will be held in Istanbul,Turkey in March 2021.

We happy and humbled to share you our Short film "khisa"(Pocket) has been selected for the Worldwide online Premiere screening at the 9th edition of Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival Ireland to be held from October 9th to11th, 2020. Also, sincere thanks to Florian Zapra(Director -DISFMF) and also official selection  at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival Ireland 2020.

This is the story of a young boy who lives in a remote village in Maharashtra. He decides to get a large pocket stitched for his school shirt, in which he keeps all his precious belongings - petals, coins, marble balls; A pocket, he is proud of. It sets him apart from others his age, whose pockets are not only smaller in comparison but also ordinary and similar to each other in appearance.The little boy does not understand the politics of symbolism that adults engage in, and his pocket soon becomes a point of contention amongst elders in the village ...

This tragic story of the loss of innocence and coming-of-age of a young boy, is ironically symbolic of the times we live in.

Raj Pritam More is visual-fine Indian Contemporary artist live and work in Mumbai.His achievements are, he has many feathers on his cap-from being a 54th National Award winner Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi. Winner of Asia Art Award by EM Art Gallery & a collaborative venture with Korean Govt, Seoul, Korea.Now he directed his first short film ''Khisa''(pocket) and also produces by him self.

Director Statement


The story narrates a social-political contemporary tale on recent time period.
Even today we are more concerned about caste and religion rather then our daily bread. We always love to talk about our history and we have always used our great men for own selfish needs.
This short film "Khisa", throws light on these issues.

Raj Pritam More

Director and Produce

short film "khisa"(pocket)


Thursday 10 September 2020

Goosebumps -31 লোমহর্ষক रों ग टे رونگٹے Solo by Mitali Das মিতালী দাস -Nippon Gallery


The human body becomes a template for me in my art, they become lumps of flesh to be devoured by beastly creatures with overcharged passions. In a way my work invites the viewer into a very intimate & indeed erotic encounter with my subjects. The emotional connection between subject & artist has continued to inspire me. The works are never maudlin or sentimental-there’s a sort of fiercely & objective gaze. They are meant to be memento mori, but at the same time they are gestures of extreme affection & compassion which provide the viewer with a spectrum of emotional engagement & response. And so when you look at my work there’s no one response, you do see these subjects in a state of psychological flux & change. And that is my empathy towards my art.

                                                                                                                           - Mitali Das

We are Open Today : 11th Sept 2020 / 11am
Goosebumps -31 লোমহর্ষক रों ग टे رونگٹے
Solo by Mitali Das মিতালী দাস
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Online Viewing Room - Gallery Hall 1
Last Date: 19th Sept 2020