Friday 7 January 2022

Breaking News: Mrs. Sunita Wadhawan at 48 has once again underlined the off repeated saying that age is just a number.

Mrs. Sunita Sunil Wadhawan, is the new title holder of Mrs. India Maharashtra and Mrs. India one in a million 2021. She participated in the beauty pageant Mrs. India one in a million season 2, a platform given to housewives to showcase their talents.

Mrs. Sunita Wadhawan 

Mrs. Sunita Wadhawan at 48 has once again underlined the off repeated saying that age is just a number.The beauty pageant was organized by Prashant Choudhary and Swati Dixit, founders of Tiska Pageant. There was an overwhelming response to this event, in which around 103 contestants keenly fought for the number one position.Mrs. Sunita accepted the challenge and participated in the competition to showcase her talent on such a big platform. She proudly says that her husband Sunil Ramlal Wadhawan has always been supportive in all her ventures.

With whole hearted support of her parents and family she grabbed this opportunity with both hands to prove to the world that she is a multifaceted personality. In this pageant she has some more titles like “Beautiful Smile, Beautiful Skin, Glamorous and Mrs. Maharashtra 2021. She candidly gives credit to Yoga for making her worthy of all such achievements. She participated in the International Yoga Day event when she painted her body to gel with the Yogasanas which she performed for about 3 hours. She has to her credit the award on Surya Namaskar in one go.

She believes that beautiful mind resides in a beautiful body. As a nation building measure she is imparting the knowledge of yoga to one and all without any reservation. She conducted training programmes for Phetari Village School, Shradhanand Orphanage and at other places also.Besides being an ardent follower of Yoga she holds masters degrees in Fine Arts also. She has held exhibitions of her creations in the reputed Art Galleries world over like Royal Art Gallery London, Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai and Darda Art Gallery Nagpur to name the fews.

She is now preparing herself for the Mrs. World Pageant which is going to be held in the next year.

For a personality like Mrs. Sunita Wadhawan sky is the limit.


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