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My Paintings gain life after their sale; else they lie dead in my studio- Tathi Premchand

6AM Drawings display at Flag March show- Art gate gallery-Mumbai 2013

My Paintings gain life after their sale; else they lie dead in my studio.

My paintings are not showpieces. You cannot decorate your drawing room to make it look beautiful, but you can decorate your mind with it to make your body beautiful.

Most of my time is spent in traveling by local trains in Mumbai. I prefer it to any other mode of traveling. It is the institute for me. Thousands of minds brush with each other every single moment. People have their own news, views, opinions, reactions, sometimes resulting in mass appeal. I can view the emotional and practical reaction of the fellow citizens by interacting with them and I think they are all creative minds and provide lot of essence to my creation. I see a person trading in vegetables or scraps has more perfect knowledge of economics and politics of the world. He doesn't need a degree or big fat books to update his knowledge; the everyday struggle is guide for him. That's something different which you find only in local trains. It also represents mini India with its clashes and unity projected from time to time. People converse and argue as if discussing the issue in the world conference.

6 AM Drawing recent work by Tathi Premchand 2013
Variation is but natural in my paintings. Just as Heraclitus had rightly said, ‘It is not possible to step twice in the same river.’ My paintings too are most spontaneous expressions rather than well planned process so you will always find variety in the work. Every work has different appeal and presentation method, setting different moods with use of topic relevant colors, forms and style. Painting is not just passion for me; it is a part of my life. I paint when I get stimulated to do so. There are times when for days together I do not paint at all.

I gradually was introduced to Galileo, Heraclitus, Osho, Mirza Galib, Kabir, and Lao Tuz and their lives. Their philosophies have greater impact on my work and my self being. Pablo Picasso is great artist; I worked as a volunteer for one month in NGMA, Mumbai because of passion for Pablo Picasso, during his paintings exhibition, just to be close to his art work. Though his work has good impact on my life, but it does not influence my work. I cannot even follow foot step of my own work. I am going to be a part of 2008 BNHS Greenscape-2 Art Auction by Pheroza Godrej. I am also part of the group show by Harmony Art Foundation 2008 and many things more. Life is full of works!

The artist lives and works in Mumbai
  (write up first time published 2005 online)

Raw, real and absolutely overt. The mere sight of his work is like an experience of the real city that is Mumbai

His art reflects the inner soul of Mumbai. The city is his greatest inspiration, he says. And it is truly remarkable how artist Raj More captures the details of every element of both, crude and sophisticated Mumbai in his works. An interesting thing about his art is that anyone could relate to it. His work speaks the parlance of diversity. He builds connects with people from all walks of life and translates them on to the canvas.

His love affair with the city began after he moved to Mumbai a few years ago. He says he loves to explore the city  and this reflects in his work. ‘Every urban city in the world has a soul of its own and talks to you,that’s why I always express this as the language of my work, ‘Raj says
Artist: Raj More

Raj More live and  work in Mumbai. After his graduating from Sir J. J School of  Arts, Mumbai. He started working in the field of visual art.he have been doing only painting and dedicated his life solely to Visual Art. He  have exhibited his  work international in India, Korea and Europe.

He win  the National Academy Award for 54th National Exhibition of Art  organized by Lalit kala   Academy, New Delhi 2012 and also he is a winner of 2010 Asia Art Award & Excellence prize Present by EM Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2010.His work is displayed in all international Art fair, UAF Fair (India), Korean Art Fair ( Seoul,Korea), Bussan Art Fair (Korea) and Dubai art Fair ( Dubai).

His ’Dimensions in time & space ‘solo show curated by Mr. Ebrahim Alkazi at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi 2010.Renowned Curator & galleries Peter Nagy( Natur  Morte)  display his work on his curated  United Art Fair 2th edition in Delhi,2013.His work also present by Palette Art gallery ,New Delhi. International  Curator Michal Matej presents a solo show at Fine Art Gallery,Bratislava.Slovak Republic,EU-2010.The city of Mumbai has kept him alive with its fascinating sights & sounds in his work..

The award-winning artist talks about how he likes metaphorical depictions. His protagonist, the crow, represents the common man.The city and its many elements, mainly vehicles and animals, determine his work. He also talks about how the ‘’Bull’’in his works represents the power of the city, creating a vast gap between the rich and the poor. The animals in his works are not just seen as they are,but have a deep-rooted connection that goes beyond just the painted picture. They equate to humans with powerful emotions. ‘I belong to middle class family and my connection arises from there. The concept keeps me going with its fascinating sights and sounds’’, he adds.

His latest series quest is all about Mumbai beings the melting pot of dreams and the crow being symbolic of a commoner with high aspirations, establishing his identity in the never-ending chaos of Mumbai City

Report courtesy Nitalia Pagare( Good Home -Time of India) 2013-14