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REALMS OF LIFE - The participating artists in this group art exhibition are: Tanmay Banerjee, Kabari Banerjee Mukherjee, Arup Kumar Das, P. Partha and Pradip Ghosh.

A group art exhibition showcasing the paintings, sculptures and graphics of 5 contemporary artists from W. Bengal will be held at Jehangir art Gallery, M. G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from 13th to 19th September, 2022 between 11 am to 7 pm. It will reveal their unique artwork in various styles, mediums and techniques to illustrate the vivid realms of life. This show will be inaugurated by Prof. Vishwanath Sable, Dean, Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai on 13th September, 2022 at Gallery on 2, Jehangir art gallery Mumbai in presence of the renowned guests of honour such as Geeta Nallani – Founder and CEO, YOU ART, Lisa Pingle – Owner / Curator – Mona Lisa Kalagram, Pune, Indranil Garai – Art consultant and sculptor, Principal Associate – I.G.A. Pune and others.


The participating artists in this group art exhibition are:

Tanmay Banerjee, Kabari Banerjee Mukherjee,

Arup Kumar Das, P. Partha and Pradip Ghosh.


Tanmay Banerjee: His sculptures in Bronze illustrate animals and other subjects which are inspired by rural life of Bengal and culture in that region. These are out of our daily life observations. He has tried to put forward their forms and emotions through his sculptures of Bull or Nandi - an animal which is considered as a symbol of strength, power and the carrier of Lord Shiva etc. His works are creative and appeal to all due to their aesthetic standards and visual perspectives.

Kabari Banerjee Mukherjee: She has made paintings using tempera on canvas. Her theme denotes old people spending their leisure time to fulfil their hobbies and doing the things they love. Her paintings try to put forward the emotional aspects of such characters in a simple and lucid style of expression.


Arup Kumar Das: His works reveals the vignettes of the vivid realms of village and urban life in Bengal and nuances of their emotional aspects on a rational plane. His style and techniques are very much appealing to all due to their uniqueness and simplicity as well as aesthetic quality.


P. Partha: His sculptures illustrate the combination of Beauty and Mysticism to comprehend the alluring forms of work such as “Ganesha” “Cactus” etc. He has developed his own style and techniques of creating of sculptures. His works reveal the artistic amalgamation of form and the untold stories of daily life in the relevant perspectives of art.

Pradip Ghosh: A self-taught artist from Kolkata, he has been trained in water colours and other mediums by stalwarts from Govt. Collage of Art & Craft. He has shown his work showing the landscapes and realms of village life and their different facets in this show. Earlier, he had showcased his work in leading art galleries at Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. Presently working as a painter in Telecommunication Dept. of Indian Railways, his works share a dialogue with viewers due their simplicity and aesthetic standards as well as visual perspectives.

Press Release

From: 13th to 19th September 2022

An Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures & Graphics by

Tanmay Banerjee, Kabari Banerjee Mukherjee,

Arup Kumar Das, P. Partha and Pradip Ghosh.



Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, 

Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm.


Saturday, 10 September 2022

Preview Night: ROHIT KALE - solo show - SAVE DATE 17th of September


SAVE DATE 17th of September - Preview Night

solo show @_rohit.kale

Overjoyed and proud to share the achievement of art exhibition titled “REPRESENTING PHENOMENA” Preview night is on Saturday, 17th of September between 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Nippon Gallery, Fort, Mumbai.

Pleased to have your presence and expect your warmth and guidance at all times. Do join the celebration.

On the 17th of September, look forward to seeing you at the preview night.

Note: The exhibition’s preview night is on 17th September and further exhibition is available online to view on the gallery website: from 19th September till 26th September 2022. You are requested to wear masks when entering the gallery.

Rohit Kale: RSPV: +91 84830 73958
Nippon Gallery: RSVP: +91 9820510599
Moderator by Sanchita Sharma - New Delhi

30/32, 2nd Floor, Deval Chambers,
Nanabhai Lane, Flora Fountain, Fort,
Mumbai – 400 001, India.

Love & Regards Always!


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Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Affordable September Art Mela - Kolkata

 Affordable September - Art Mela

12th – 30th  September  2022

With the festive season setting in, Aakriti Art Gallery is hosting the 10th edition of the ‘Affordable September Art Mela’ in Kolkata . After completing  nienth successful editions of the fair at the Kolkata gallery, we look forward to offering this special opportunity to our patrons. We at Aakriti Art Gallery constantly strive to make art more accessible to all. ‘Affordable Art Mela’ hopes to bring art into the lives of people who harbour a passion and love for it. The gallery will be showcasing the works of over a hundred artists with more than a thousand art works within the range of 1000 to 1,00,000 INR. This is a one-of–a-kind occasion for art enthusiasts to collect original pieces of art at the best prices. The pursuit of owning great works of art should not be limited to a few. The pleasure of living with and savouring great works of art is incomparable to merely looking at them in galleries.

 The fair would feature paintings, sculptures and art prints  by renowned artists as well as fresh talents in the industry. The gallery is putting together works by Abhijit Gupta,Adip Dutta,Aditya Basak,Akbar Padamsee,Akhil Chandra Das,Akhilesh,Alik Das,Alok Bal,Alok kumar Bhattacharya,,Amalnath Chakladar,Amit Chakraborty,,Amitava Dhar,Amlan Dutta,Anasuya Chakraborty,Anil Tekam,Anindya Roy,Anshuman Dasgupta,Arindam Chatterjee,Arun kumar Majumdar,Arunangshu Roy,Arup Das,,Ashok Bhowmik,Ashoke Roy,Asim Goswami,Asim Basu,Asit Mondal,Atanu Bhattacharya,Atin Basak,Babu Xavier,Banasree Khan,Banatanwi DasmahapatraBarun Chowdhury,Bhajju Shyam,Bhaskar Mukherjee,Bibekananda Mukherjee,Bibhuti Chakraborty,Bijan Chowdhury,Bimal Kundu,Biraj kumar Paul,Biswajit Saha,Biswapati Maiti,Chaitali Dey,Chaitali Chanda,Chandan Bhandari,Chandra Bhattacharjee,Chandrakanta Nayak,Chhatrapati  Dutta,Debabrata Chakraborty,Debajyoti Dhara,Debasis Chakraborty,Debasis Barui,Debotosh Kar,Dharamnarayan Dasgupta,Dhiren Shasmal,Dibyendu Basu,Dipak Banerjee,Dipak Kundu,Dipali Bhattacharya,Dipti Chakraborty,Diptish Ghosh Dastidar,Gautam Paul,Gita Maity,Gobardhan Ash,Gopal Ghose,Gopinath Roy,Hiran Mitra,Indira Puri Mistry,Indrapramit Roy,Irish Hudson Ghosh,J.M.S. Mani,Jahar Dasgupta,Jaya Ganguly,Jayanta Roy,Jayashree Chakravarty,Jogen Chowdhury,Jyotirmoy Dalapati,Kanchan Dasgupta,,Krishna Sardar,Laxman Aelay,Lalu Prasad Shaw,Laxmi Narayan Panchori,M. B. Ingle,Madhubanti,Malay Chandan Saha,Manashi Mitra,Manik Talukdar,Manoj Dutta,Manoj Mitra,M. F. Husain,Mithun Dasgupta,Mona Ghosh,Nikhileshwar Baruah,Nirban Ash,Nitya Kundu,Palash Bhaduri,Pannekunwar,Parag Roy,Partha Dasgupta,Partha Bhattacharya,Partha Pratim  Deb,Paula Sengupta,Peter Daglish,Pinaki Barua,Piyali Sadhukhan,Pradip Mondal,Pradip Roy,Pradip Rakshit,Pradip Maitra,   Prasanta Sahu,Priyanka Lahiri,Prasenjit Sengupta,Prokash Karmakar,Rabin Mondal,Radha Tekam,Rajarshi Biswas,Rajat Sen,Rajen Mondal,Rajesh Deb,Ramesh Tekam,Ritendra Roy,Sadhan Chakraborty,Sagar Bhowmick,Samindranath Majumdar,Sanat Kar,Sanchayan Ghosh,Sanchita Sengupta,Sandip Daptari,Sanjay kumar Das,Sankha Banerjee,Santanu Bhattacharya,Saptarshi Das,Sarreshwari,Sekhar Baran Karmakar,Sekhar Kar,Sekhar Roy,,Shankar Ghosh,Shyam Kanu Barthakur,Shyamal Mukherjee,Sisir Tikadar,Somit Mukherjee,Somnath Chakraborty,Soumen Khamrui,Soumik Chakraborty,Sourav Jana,Srikanta Paul,Subhendu Porel,Subhanil Roy,Subrata Paul,Subrata Biswas (sculptor),Subrata Sen,Subrata Chowdhury,Subrata Biswas,Suchibrata Deb,Sudip Roy,Suhas Roy,Sujit Kumar Karan,Suman Roy,Suman Kumar Pal,Sumana Ghosh,Sunil De,Sunil Das,Sunil Kumar Das,Supam Adhikary,,Swapan Kumar Mallick,Swapan Kumar Saha,Swapan Kumar Das,Swapnesh Chowdhury,Sweta Chandra,Tapan Ghosh,Tapan Mitra,Tapas Biswas,Tapas Konar,Tapas Sarkar,Tapas Shankar Basu,Tarun Dey,Tathi Premchand,Timir Brahma,Tusar Kanti Pradhan,Wasim R Kapoor  and many more artists. The wide collection of works will showcase multiple art techniques like gouache, tempera, acrylic on canvas, charcoal drawings, etching, drawing on digital prints,  bronze, ceramic across various styles and genres.

Affordable September -Art Mela

12th – 30th  September  2022

The business hours run from 11 am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays. To browse the exhibition from the comfort of your home, please visit the Affordable Art section

Aakriti Art Gallery - Orbit Enclave, 1st Floor

12/3A, Hungerford Street, Kolkata – 700 017

Phone: 91 33 22893027/5041 - Mobile: +91 9830411116



Monday, 22 August 2022


किसी ने अपनी साइकल बड़े बादल के नीचे लगायी थी

पर अब पता नहीं वो बादल कहाँ गया

और वो साइकल छोड़कर बादल दूंद्ता रहा

Kalakriti gallery welcomes you to drift through the latest collection of works

Paintings | Sculptures | Multimedia | Installation 


Vanita Gupta


13th August 2022

Artist: Vanita Gupta 

If one were to focus on the look of Vanita Gupta’s oeuvre, it would encompass characteristics of sculpture, installation and drawings, interspersed with quotidian and provocative videos that loop in melancholic shifts - the stuff of workshop experiments that test the plasticity and strength of natural materials - metal, wood, or rubber. 

Vanita's artistic position is fluid with regard to the categories of materials she places before us but for the certitude and temperance, she grants to every object she composes.   By conflating genres and pictorial means where the deadpan demeanor (literally a frozen stillness) of assembled figure objects and structures of installations stand assertively, she fundamentally forges a singularity of form and dimension as the concrete and visible profile of the constructed artworks. They are independent of each other carting aloneness as a votive relationship with an invisible audience; taut with a kind of prowess, corresponding with the dry fragments of aphoristic phrases running on the wall.   By and large, one is led to a pivotal standpoint: that of circuiting pictorial elements to favor diverse material constituents.. The sleeping life of the hardened sculpture seems to swell into wakefulness in its striving for organicity. It is a key aesthetic ingredient that the sensibility of this artist enfolds. Gupta, in this manner, is driven to imbue a degree of weightage that clothes her soft and solid objects. We see then, that urge to revive and manipulate material from a state of stillness to that of an anthropomorphized entity. This can prod and tease the mind into believing in the artist’s wizardry. For her, the worn, decrepit condition of castoff debris offers endless opportunities to consecrate such stuff into untitled statuary, icons, and calibrated videoed performances that disclose her formal intentions.

Gallery View -  Kalakriti Art Gallery 

Introductory poem by Vanita Gupta

Concept note by Roshan Shahani


Vanita Gupta’s practise deals with the minimal, most relevant and perennially compelling forms. She 

confounds us by enlarging the definition of art, conflating genres and pictorial language.She began as a painter, concerned with coordination of movement and balance, juxtaposing existence and non-existence, empty vacuums and solid spaces. If one were to focus on the look of Vanita Gupta’s oeuvre, it would encompass characteristics of sculpture, installation and drawings, interspersed with quotidian and provocative videos that loop in melancholic shifts – testing the plasticity and strength of natural materials – metal, wood or rubber.Vanita was awarded J D 3rd Rockefeller Fellowship Grant, 2014-15 by the Asian Cultural Council, New York, to observe the contemporary art practice in New York, visit museums and galleries and meet curators. She was invited for a residency at ‘Residency Unlimited’ New York, 2015. Vanita’s video work, the “Balloon Trilogy: Liberation”, was featured at the 16th International Media Art WRO Biennale 2015, Wroclaw, Poland. In 2014, she was awarded the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, New York. The same year she was at an artist residency in Vermont Studio Centre, USA. In 2012 her video works were selected by Videoholica International Video Art Festival, Varna, Bulgaria. Vanita was also a recipient of the Raza 

Award 2008, India for excellence in art. Vanita’s drawings on large scale canvas were presented in a solo show at Red Church Street Gallery-London (2008) by Pundole art Gallery and Rob Dean Art. In 2006 Gallery Threshold represented her in solo show at Singapore Art Fair’, Vanita’s work transitioned towards sculpture through explorations with balloon and metal, which were exhibited in solo show at Pundole art gallery, Mumbai (2013), Art heritage gallery, Delhi (2015). Her experiments with silicone rubber presented as an architectural scenography of 250 sculptural pieces that was chosen as a special project at India Art Fair, Delhi 2017, Presented by Art Heritage Gallery. Her experience in New York translated into a light+glass sculpture, “Window without a wall, presented in Delhi by Art Heritage Gallery. In 2019 her intervention with architecture which lead to a collaborative work with Architect Naveen Mahantesh which was presented as ‘An act in three scenes’ by Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai. In 2020 her sculpture/videowork/performance was at Waterman’s Gallery, London.

Vanita lives and works between Mumbai and Bangalore.

Exhibition on view till: 10th September 2022


Address: Kalakriti Art Gallery 

Plot 8-2-465/1,

Road No 4, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana,

India. PIN 500034.

Hours: All Days(11 AM - 7 PM)


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Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Dibakar Das, Solo Exhibition

Nippon Gallery is pleased to present Dibakar Das solo exhibition “Lines”

“Being an artist, I believe that art work speaks for itself; it has its own language, one can feel the visual aspiration before describing it in words.” The visual quality of drawing, ink on paper, is a creation of the whole cosmos by tender touching, sensitive lines like a spider web. There is no specificity as such, although it involves ambiguity space, all seen unseen, day to-day life ‘objects’ forms are derived from nature, inspired by observation of shape and cyclic change, but their appearance only matters in so far as it symbolizes an inner actuality that receives meaning from its relationship to the cosmos. The surface is played in the continuity of shifted vision and multiple layers create dimension. A single image is created by multiple contours or visa-versa to build up a form. Whole Drawing is an ongoing visual dilemma, which once started, involves the artist playing till visual satisfaction is achieved. The key to drawing is the involvement of the artist, both physically and psychologically, in art work.

Artist: Dibakar Das

Dibakar Das (Mumbai, India) – Born in Howrah, he completed his education in art with a Masters of Fine Arts from BVU, Pune. He worked as a visiting lecturer at Gulbarga University, Karnataka. Dibakar is working as an Art Director in the film industry. He participated in several exhibitions and residencies in Andorra, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, the UK, and India.

1) Dibakar Das & Montosh Lall  2) 6x10 ft drawing paper by Dibakar Das
3) Dibakar and Roul Hemanta   4) R B Holle & Dibakar Das at Nippon Gallery- 
Duration of the exhibition: 12.08.-20.08.2022
Exhibition Opening: 12.08.2022, 5 p.m.–9 p.m.
Nippon Gallery
30/32, second floor, Deval Chambers,Fort , Mumbai
Sale Enquiry-WhatsApp 9820510599 – Nippon Contemporary-E-commerce Gallery
Nippon Gallery
Lines by
– solo show –
Preview Date:
12 / 08 / 2022
Time: 5.30 pm to 8.30pm ( Open to all RSVP )
Gallery Opne Date:
13 to 18 / 08/ 2022
Time – 3 to 8pm (Appointment only)
Sale & More details: Tel: 022 66333997. M: 9820510599
R.S.V.P “Please respond.” M:9820510599, E:
@thinkwave @dibakar_83

Monday, 15 August 2022

“Life Witthin” Artworks will be displayed by Renowned artist Sangeeta Kumar Murthy at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

For Sangeeta Kumar Murthy, excellence is a continuous endeavour. She is not one to rest on her laurels, she continues to explore new frontiers and experiment with advanced concepts. Sangeeta says “The Pandemic has changed the way I look at my art, I have taken a fresh approach to my subjects, treatment and medium". While the forms and expression may be different, what remains constant through her work is clarity and a meticulous eye for detail.

Artist: Sangeeta Kumar 

In Sangeeta's latest series, ‘Life Witthin’, she has chosen the medium of pen and ink on paper and vibrant acrylic hues on canvas to create a visually appealing series of artworks. A noteworthy element of the series ‘Life Witthin’ is the beautiful depiction of fabrics. One can almost feel the texture and flow.Each of her works in the series retains a cohesive link to the central theme which is fluid curves and fine lines that balance each other. The artist's paintings demonstrate her mastery over this genre which is a new addition to her already extensive portfolio.


The 'Life Witthin' series has multiple branches – Soul, Germination, Samanvay and Efflorescence. The ‘Soul’ series looks within, to find depth and the meaning of existence. ‘Germination’ demonstrates the evolution of thoughts, ideas and concepts, slowly awakening to the world around. ‘Samanvay', progresses from exploring growth and life to seeking the equilibrium that creates harmony in the entire universe, be it between the masculine and feminine, yin & yang or between man and his maker. ‘Efflorescence’ pays tribute to the incredible spirit of mankind and its ability to emerge stronger while adapting to the ‘new normal’.

Artist: Sangeeta Kumar Murthy, Title - Life witthin -16, Medium - Ink on Paper


Another key element in this series, along with ‘environment’ is ‘women’ and they can be seen in various avatars. Interestingly, Sangeeta has painted women that don sinuous kimonos, flowery gowns and sharp jackets, in modern cosmopolitan forms, a reflection of the women of today, each balancing different roles in our society. The artist depicts the importance of manifesting hope and optimism in myriad forms and expressions while retaining a strong social context. The eye-catching spiritual undertones in these works highlight the regeneration of new thoughts and ideas in different elements of our interlinked world. Thus, we can see that the series portrays a wide range of elements and features, all nourished by the internal energy that is indeed the life-giving force.

The detailing of motifs and patterns compels attention. In several paintings, one can see the artist’s newly introduced colour palette consisting of grey and gentle tints of sepia, adding greater depth and nuances to her signature fine detailing. Almost print-like strokes and the purity of lines and forms that are a distinctive hallmark of Sangeeta Kumar Murthy's paintings can also be observed.

From: 16th to 22nd August 2022

“Life Witthin”

Artworks by Renowned artist Sangeeta Kumar Murthy



Jehangir Art Gallery

161 - B, M.G. Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: 98990 42116

Email :

Insta : sangeetakumarmurthy_

FB : sangeeta.murthy, sangeetakumarmurthy16