Sunday 17 March 2013

Gratifying exploration of Self.- Pradeep Nerurkar

(Recent work by Pradeep Nerurkar)
Endurance, patience, no cross-border issues, no discrimination and acceptability are the characteristics of Nature and its resources. I have dedicated myself and my art to explore these secrets and divulging these hidden aspects that guide our existence. The first step for me to realize that painting is not just an action of creating something good and pleasant to eyes; but it is representing ‘the Self’ came from contemplation that there is a valid reason for every action of nature and it is created with complete cognition and sensibility. In fact, it seems as if the Creator of this entire Universe indeed is a sensitive painter and therefore we are mesmerized by its various attractive forms and actions. We attain heavenly bliss from these creations. The Creators must have positioned his own being while creating the soul or a human heart. Therefore every human being has a fraction of painterly spirit, but only a few are able to feel it and keep that spirit alive. Conscious sensitivity for creativity is the essence of this spirit. This consciousness leads to self realization. And only those who genuinely aim to know own self, achieve the ultimate goal. Area of knowledge may differ, it can be philosophy, science, singing, or painting, but in the process to be one with nature, person does achieve freedom. Truly, it is a search for one’s own core of existence. It is a search for constant inspiration from nature and it continues till the person completely merges in it.

I carried on painting with firm belief in the state of oneness with the creation or finding Self. I realized that creating a painting is like ‘living the painting’ and once we start living the painting, it becomes easy to portray our thoughts easily as painting does not remain an isolated idea but we ourselves become that ‘painting’.
I am still in the mid- way of reaching the core of Nature. Many secret patterns and convictions of Nature still keep on revealing as I move on to explore its hidden treasure. My investigation of Nature is summarized from time to time in my painting and surprisingly my adventure in nature has started having subtle impact on my artistic impulse. It has broadened the horizons of my painting and continuously provides me with abundant themes.

Before I became firm on my advent into Nature and finding ‘Self’, I was not completely convinced of completeness of my paintings. I felt there was still a void in completely being one with nature or Self and that was the realization that, if I extract my inspiration and themes of painting from nature then why should the medium be artificial? So, it would be the best to use natural medium instead of artificial ones. With this thought I explored the natural mediums for painting and ultimately decided to adopt naturally processed Cotton matt, a pure white and unsullied fiber, as a medium of expression; may be using Cotton matt was nature’s signal to me to dot on it. 

This natural medium captivated me and I discovered its multifarious merits. Cotton matt has all the necessary characteristics that I require for my creation. The important aspects of cotton that attracted my attention were its layers, the ability to absorb colors, liberty to mould it in desired form and ultimate evolution of an idea in the form of painting. 

Cotton matt became a sorted base for my paintings, though it had to be meticulously processed with full concentration and dedication to shape it up. Processing cotton is equal to processing a raw gold chunk. Just like a chunk of raw gold which needs deliberate, meticulous and careful processing to modify its glitter and glaze and give an attractive form; even cotton has to undergo through many complicated maneuvers to have it shaped into a desired painting. But certainly something impossible is made possible.
(Recent work by Pradeep Nerurkar)

The processing is not blunt, but a completely sensitive process, wherein the plain and pure white cotton surface is adorned with colorful drapes, and the after- effects are just mesmerizing, due to the colors, lines and texture and almost have a celestial effect. Many clear and hazed forms establish themselves. Features of visual art (colors, lines and layers) commence their discourse on this base and cotton losses its personal identity to become a ‘painting’.

The process of painting tranquillizes me and offers me the similar sight, feelings and life that I experience while being surrounded by nature. Figures and form become abstract, conveying feelings through sensitive medium of cotton and effects of colors and textures on it. This abstraction indicates wiping out of the distance between me and nature; very naturally I become nature and vice versa.

I think Abstract painting is effective only when it moves beyond being just an art work, when it becomes a ‘state’; sharing thoughts, understanding and imagination of the observer.
(Recent work by Pradeep Nerurkar)

Certainly, Abstraction is not an ‘ism’ or ‘philosophy’ but it is a ‘state’ or ‘entity’. Here the body, mind and soul amalgamate together. At last this state does not remain static and moves towards nothingness and reaches the entity. And this destination is final; it is Abstract.

Abstract cannot be verbalized; it can just be expressed, because the reason for abstraction is truth, leading towards entity. I want to convey my experiences and feelings through my paintings and wish the observers sway in the same emotional state as I do.

by Pradeep Nerurkar
Translated by Pankaja JK