Friday 16 April 2021

"THE REVELATION" by Bandana Jain

Contemporary Artist Bandana Jain introduces her artwork named REVELATION. Artist Bandana Jain captures the profound beauty and vulnerability of marine life with her artwork- “REVELATION”. Jain tries to depict the immediacy of trauma caused by the oil spills on our sea creatures, telling us the story of those tragic victims. This environmental catastrophe has a devastating impact on life within coastal and marine ecosystems. The antiquity of the mirror and the fluid pattern of corrugation contemplate the lookalike pattern of oil in water emulsion. It serves as a clear reflection of the anticipated damage to marine life. Artist gives us a hopeful reminder of preserving our planet’s marine beauty from harmful human interventions. . Artists inevitably bring personal and unique interpretations to each idea, site, social construct, and aesthetic potential. In this way, artists can be social and civic leaders, advocating through art for alternative perspectives that can question assumptions, beliefs, and community values.


Bandana Jain: Bandana Jain is a contemporary artist and a design expert. An award-winning personality strongly connects with the idea of sustainability. For Bandana the idea of being ethical is a way of thinking and a lifestyle that is a fair trade with nature. Her love for the environment is vividly visible from the kind of work she does. She is passionate about working with the recycled materials to create something stunning. 

For Bandana, her work is not just a piece of art but a cause to make the world a better place to live in. Bandana’s artwork has been highly recognized by some of the well-known personalities and art connoisseurs in the industry. Having sufficient experience at hand she has also entered into art curation which gives her an opportunity to inform, educate and inspire the public. Always aiming to create a thought-provoking artwork.

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