Monday 29 December 2014

Unfolding white...Decoding white...



Imagine the world as White....which is never used for decoding. Here is the world of Rajshree, the artist who precisely opens up her journey that is crystal clear. She leaves the viewer mesmerised with this unusual fathom of her experience in a very interactive way. She unfolds the untangled life of paper and connects it with self very thoughtfully. Using WHITE must have been a great challenge for Rajshree but she successfully opens up the story of her own significant world with elaborate simplicity. She has intricately crafted the delicate paper to form a 'being' to relinquish her emotional plethora. Rajshree throws a challenge to all of us,'this is my world, and it doesn't really matter if it not the same out there.'Her careful crafting of paper gives various dimensions to white. The shapes take and intricate form. She plays with the spaces within and forms a perspective of her own ideas. It is indeed a great challenge as an artist to work devoid colours. She probably sees her multidimensional world through plain paper. Significance of her creative forms thus leave a spread of multitasking and vision to think beyond two dimensional plain.One does not but help thinking about the careful play of her forms. The challenge of extreme white becomes simple or rather Rajshree makes it simple with her natural ability to transform the complex into a clear interpretation.
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Dec 30th to 2014 -Jan 5th 2015
11am to 7pm