Saturday 5 June 2021

Launch a new website as


Dear Sir/Madam,
We from Nippon Team are presenting you the newsletter for the month of June 2021.
You can check out the shows (group/solo), open call and Nippon Friday on our website
We look forward to working with you. Your feedbacks are always welcomed.
1) Apply for Video art
Send your recent 3 to 5 video link with CV with other details
2) Launch a new website as
Nippon Friday being a curated platform is highly selective of its partners to showcase art. Our team shall be evaluating the portfolios based on original artistic consistency, technique and style of art works. With this platform artists can sell their works directly to art lovers, art buyers and collectors. 10 works will be displayed online for sale for 365 days with highlighted details of the artist (Contact number, email address and location studio.)
Moumita Sarkar
+91 7439119228 - NIPPON FRIDAY
Upcoming show - Nude -Portrait -Solo show after 15th June 2021 on onscreen show –