Wednesday 19 August 2020

Ray of Hope



असतो मा सद्गमय।

तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय।

मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय

                                    - बृहदारण्यक उपनिषद्

Lead us from Unreality to the Reality, Lead us from the Darkness to the Light , Lead us from the Fear of Death to the Knowledge of Immortality


After World War -II, the world has faced such huge disaster and loss of lives only now, during this dark phase of Covid-19 pandemic. Being artists we can feel the unrest, sorrow and misery of people everywhere in the world. In this difficult situation every human being has become a warrior, fighting together against this dark period with strong hopes, faith and energy leading towards light. This paradigm-shifting pandemic has made us realize the uncertainty, nothingness and completeness in human life. 


Recent Works by Vilas Shinde 

This situation also emphasizes the role of hope and faith of man in the infinite journey of survival of civilizations through various natural and man-made disasters since ancient times to the modern era. 


'A ray of hope’ presents majorly achromatic artworks of Contemporary artists coming together to represent their individual approaches and style, that reveal different aspects of hopes and faith in the context of human survival. In today's turbulent, uncertain socio-political and economic world, most people from the common man to the intelligentsia are worried about their future. Even in this difficult situation, the creative artist is trying to keep the flame of empathy alive in the society with the rod of positive energy, with his devotion to art, aspiration for life and hope for a bright future.


In art history, the absence and presence of light is used to represent spiritual energy, divinity, gods and goddess and so on. Brahman in Indian Vedic literature, Chinese theory of Yin and Yang, Buddhist theory of Shunyavada, The Theory of Big bang discuss about the 'nothingness ' and 'completeness' that relates to black and white. Scientifically, black and white do not have specific wavelengths. Instead, white light contains all wavelengths of visible lights. Black, on the other hand, is the absence of visible light. At the same time in color theory, white is the absence of all color and black is the presence of all color. A visual play using black and white together creates neutrality and infiniteness. 


This online exhibition will be an opportunity for talented, budding, young artists from India to showcase their art with senior artists to boost their energy. The works of all these talented artists working in various styles of contemporary Indian art will be readily available to art lovers and art collectors from all over the world.

I am grateful to Senior Contemporary artists Sudhir Patwardhan, Dilip Ranade, Vilas Shinde, Ravindra Salve for accepting an invitation for this show. I am also thankful to all Artists who responded to invitation and open call for this Exhibition.

Shardul Kadam

Painter and Lecturer, Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai



RAY OF HOPE' at Nippon Gallery.

Ray of Hope' is a collective show of 37 artists from various parts of country.
We would love to see you all there for the opening on 20th August 11am.


Ray of Hope - Curator: Shardul Kadam
Starts : 11 am / 20th August 2020
Ends : 07pm / 10th September 2020
Online Sale Starts : 11am ( Indian time) / Book your Artworks
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Sunday 16 August 2020


'RAY OF HOPE' at Nippon Gallery.

'Ray of Hope' is a collective show of 37 artists from various parts of country.
We would love to see you all there for the opening on 20th August 11am.
Ray of Hope - Curator: Shardul Kadam
Starts : 11 am / 20th August 2020
Ends : 07pm / 10th September 2020
Online Sale Starts : 11am ( Indian time) / Book your Artworks
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Tuesday 4 August 2020

Review on Ritesh Bhoi solo show by Tathi Premchand

As we all can are going through the lockdown phase due to COVID-19 this 2020 year has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone and everyone has their own lockdown story to share. Here I am going to express the journey of a fellow artist Ritesh Bhoi  during lockdown and about his series of artworks done recently.

Looking back at few months, the journey through this ongoing lockdown period has been a way for everyone to rest at home and take a break for a while and also simultaneously keep working.

This huge break from our regular routine gave everyone a chance to do new things and keep their mind busy. Everyone found some or the other new thing which is intriguing to them. This new way of living is something everyone in common trying to adjust with. Every day the question “What to do next?” arises.

Talking about adapting towards this change, Ritesh here also went through the same like all of us. When government announced the lockdown Ritesh was in Mumbai. Considering the situation he decide to pack all the materials available and shift to his native place; Sangli. After reaching the destination as normal precautionary step Ritesh was under self-quarantine for two weeks.  To be productive in such a situation he continued with his ongoing artwork and began his thought process for new ideas.

As soon as the self-quarantine period ended for Ritesh Bhoi next situation he faced was a complete lockdown of his residential area. One of the problems he faced was that he was running out of materials to work with and due to the lockdown it was not possible to buy new apparatus to work with. 

One of the things to do during these times is to communicate with everyone around us to give and receive moral support through these tough times. Sitting on the porch of his house during his free time and talking to neighbors and people around is what Ritesh did. Communication just proves that by keeping distance people can still come together and support each other. This led to observing how people differ in their opinions, approach and all have a different story. 
As the lockdown situation was not getting any better there was still the obstacle in buying new materials but that did not stop Ritesh from working. A pen and a diary was a enough to keep the thought process in shape, started to paint a picture about the observations he made about people around and putting it on paper. As everyone has their own worries, some small or big, everyone has a common thought thinking about the future and what is awaiting.

Communicating with people not only showcased their physical effort to fight against the situation faced due to this virus but also the mental state of their mind. People everywhere have been going through a struggle on their own approach. We all know wearing a mask hides our half face and is a precautionary step taken by everyone, Ritesh expresses through his works that everyone’s eyes actually spoke louder than words. 

Ritesh Bhoi had a journey through this situation and still is ongoing just like everyone else, as he made best of his time in this I hope all us do too.

Text by Tathi Premchand
Nippon Gallery

लेखन - तथी प्रेमचंद ,
निप्पॉन गैलरी
कलाकार आणि  कला प्रबंधक