Thursday 30 September 2021

Sexuality is a feeling. It has no visuals but it is a visual language. Visual art starts with nudity because it is the first stage of sexuality .

Nippon Gallery presents a solo show by Sandip Sen. We are glad to introduce his works that consists of German Expressions, erotic venting, striking and vivid Palate and bold themes .

Artist: Sandip Sen

Sandip Sen completed his BFA in painting from Kala Bhavana Santiniketan and pursued his MFA from college of Art and design, bardhawan  Sandip Sen is from Jalpaiguri , West Bengal, India.

Incorporating Kalighat Pata Painting style and themes notably Sexuality has been shown symbolically through objects. Such as balloon, Kettle orchid, leaves and sperms.

Further elements such as snake socks, grass, monkey cap, hand gestures, Electric plug, Nude female figures and copulating animals have also been assimilated in the intellectual paintings.

The idea of drawing has many complex processes in the initial stages, where not only drawing and painting but also thoughts are given a significant value. What the artist visually studies is then transferred to actual works incorporated with colour and attempt to present it in a conceptualized line. These paintings are anchored with pen, charcoal, ink, pastel, water colour, oil colour etc. These forms not only identify realism but also create another dimension.

Artist: Sandip Sen 

Line charges a crucial impact in Sen’s works, where it not only displays a celerity of his thoughts but also connects objects being laid on the sheets.

Black, red, pink, orange, green colors began to dominate the painting in a symbolic way. Next comes the use of gold, silver and fluorescent colors. At the same time small particles are observed, sensuousness, eroticism, clippings of ads, human figures, and antiquities are imposed more practically. 19th century popular folk culture of kalighat patta, wood block etc. can be observed in his work that are indulged with contemporary hoardings in cities that started producing college works explaining his thoughts.

Artist says, “my art is to talk about sensuality. “More to say that sexuality doesn’t mean nudity or vice-versa and nudity doesn’t demand only representation of the bare body. Sexuality is a feeling. It has no visuals but it is a visual language. Visual art starts with nudity because it is the first stage of sexuality.

From the beginning of his youth, the artist began to notice the pubic sign that changed his genitals, growth of pubic hair, and the beard, hair in armpit and abdomen and changes in hormones. The idea of sex gave him a completely different languages from where some biological changes became the subject or his work.

To enrich the visual language he used multiple layers including the digital on graphic quality at some place, to bring about theatrical effect in the picture cutouts are applied. He has started to use quotations from sexually related books.

Recent works by Sandip Sen

Sen’s works not only examine the inner desires of humans but also give them a unique look by combining various figures and forms that indirectly are related to the themes.

His bold use of colors and subjects continuously attracts human consciousness while making our minds contemplate human biological developments.

Nippon always has and will appreciate unique thoughts and works of contemporary minds and in this respect we exhibit Sandip Sen's art works.

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We invite you all to visit the on view exhibition.

Cover Story - Solo show by Sandip Sen

Date : 22nd Sep to 5th Oct - 2021

Enter also online show:

Moderator by Moumita Sarkar – Kolkata


30/32, 2nd Floor, Deval Chambers, Nanabhai Lane, Flora Fountain, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001, India.

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Wednesday 29 September 2021

She is multidisciplinary and performance Artist

We are ecstatic to introduce our very own Ginseng artist Pratibha Sarkar, the woman behind Charcoal Foundation Bongora. Strong women are the real influencers for the youth.


Artist: Pratibha Sakar

A charcoal woman, herself, who loves to romance the canvas, a dedicated lover, happy with her soulful and lust less love; an affair which gives her a Divine feeling and enlightens her in all possible ways. She feels empowered and proud of her courtship and can relate herself to MEERA and her love for the Divine. But the four walls of life (box of life) tend to confine her and rob her of all her happiness, her dreams get locked in the box, but now no more ... It is time to be free from all shackles and breathe in the free fresh air…


She is multidisciplinary and performance Artist  

Pratibha Sarkar from paradise land of  India( Andaman  and  Nicobar  Islands),born  in Port Blair, has  completed  her BFA and MFA from  KALA BHAVAN (dept of fine arts and crafts),  Visva  Bharati University, Shantiniketan , West Bengal, and achieved master’s degree  in education(education management )from IGNOU Delhi followed by her bachelor’s  degree in education  from Bhopal ,India. She has exhibited her art works in Lalit kala Academy Delhi, Bharat  Bhavan (7th international Biennale) Bhopal ,Birla Academy of fine art Kolkata, show at Art Gate Mumbai, solo exhibition  at  Taj Gateway Damdama lake, All  India woman Artist   Exhibition, Artscape, Chandigarh, india etc, Insul Art Exhibition, MGI Gallery and La  woman International  Art Exhibitions, Mauritius .etc.

Group exhibition in India Habitat Centre Delhi, Group exhibition Gallery Arpana-Delhi,NIV Delhi,


Pratibha Sarkar actively participating in workshops with various medium (charcoal, paper making, dogra  casting, live  mask making etc),she has been participated in International  Island Artists  workshop, Mauritius in 2007.


She is also interested  in conducting workshops on stress distress management through art(spiritual art, art therapy,) like mask making and charcoal drawing for kids and adults and also for special children’s from rehabilitation centers in India.

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Charcoal Foundation Bongora is feeling exceedingly happy to announce a unique International Live Performance Art Show, ‘ Ginseng’!

You are cordially invited to experience the live performances from  across the globe, virtually as well as physically -

On 2nd & 3rd October 2021,
From 11 AM to 6PM (IST),
At Zorba-The Buddha, Delhi.


Experiencing performance art is like consuming Ginseng for various health purposes. Ginseng is a herb - a slow-growing plant with fleshy roots with antiviral properties, which may restore and enhance well-being. People take Ginseng to heal various medical conditions. Ginseng has the power to improve thinking processes and cognition. Ginseng has anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce oxidative stress. Ginseng has the power to treat impotence as well as many other physical and mental health conditions such as blood sugar and influenza etc. Ginseng may help stimulate physical and mental activity in people who feel weak and tired, however, scientists and health professionals often question the medicinal properties of Ginseng and no evidence, but the real-time consumption, which can conclude about its true effectiveness. Although Ginseng is safe to consume, people have reported the following side effects such as headache, sleep issues, digestive problems, changes to blood pressure & blood sugar, diarrhoea, rapid heartbeat, skin reactions and so on, therefore, there always has been an uncertainty, an irony, a paradox and a juxtaposition.

The show title, ‘Ginseng’, actually represents the perception and the reception of Performance Art’ in general, while the show embodies the content and the flavours of Ginseng virtually. The idea of this unusual show originated from looking at the current scenario of Performance Art in India itself, especially at the times of COVID-19 where the gathering of the audience has been restricted, where the live performance artists had to adopt to do performance on virtual platforms which is quite challenging since live performance is incomplete without the presence of the physical audience and their participation to a great extend.

As Ginseng is the herb for energy and healing, performance art is the herb to experience the Ginseng effects; pleasant or unpleasant, soothing or disturbing, both, for the performance artists, as well as for the audience!

- Pratibha Sarkar
   Artist - Delhi

Saturday 11 September 2021


The Nippon art gallery presents a group show "PORTRAIT AND SELF-PORTRAIT" which is Curated by Tathi Premchand and Assistant Curator Anjali Dutt. 

Recent work video art by Sourav Haldar 

Thirteen artists are participating in this art exhibition. Their names are:-

Mon Ross, Lucia Giri, Shanthi Kasi, Vijay Bhandare, Sourav Haldar, Uttam Sajane, Arindam Sinha, Avijit Mukharjee, Ciby Samuel, Pallavi Shelokar Bate, Purshottam Pawar, Sanika.V.Desai, and Mahesh Soundatte.

Recent drawing Ciby Samuel

The show is based on upcoming the young contemporary artists, who they present through their artworks from different perspectives with various mediums such as water colours, oils, mixed media and etc.

Portrait and self-portrait is an expression; it can be self- portrait or other artistic representation of a person also. It is portrayed of someone's character or describes someone. It can be present by painting, photography, graphic art, video art, performance art etc.

Recent work Shanthi Kasi

Portrait often gives deep insight, and offers an analysis that goes far beyond the superficial. Mostly depicted by facial expressions it is described you and your personality. It can be direct or indirect. Portrait or self-portrait reflects the human expressions and feelings. The self portrait is a projection of the self. It is a reflective physical appearance.

Self- portrait delve deep into psyche, complex personality, strong emotions, a chronicle of circumstances through life. Artists captured people’s inner and outer expression which comes out through their facial expressions. Mostly artists gazed into the mirrors and attempted to grasp their identities.

In general, there are three ways to tell the difference between a portrait and a self-portrait. One of the best ways to understand a self-portrait is through its title. Artists will often identify their self-portraits as such. Another strategy is to notice what type of action is being depicted. Both self-portraits and portraits often depict a figure gazing in the direction of the artist.

A self-portrait will often depict the artist at work in the process of painting their own image. The third way is to view the picture in the context of the artist's other works. The artist's subject matter can convey to the viewer the identity and character of his or her own image. For example, American artist Norman Rockwell's Triple Self-Portrait shows the first and second of these principles.

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best”- FRIDA KAHLO

¬It would our pleasure to catch you all on this upcoming show.  Nippon art gallery will be highly obliged to welcome you all. Kindly visit our website and show your interest in magical artworks by young superb artists and make this show successful.

Visit website -

By Anjali Dutt

Nippon- Portrait Artworks >
Self-portrait - Artist: Sanika Desai
Portrait - Best collection from Art World
Portrait &
6th to 12th September 2021
Mon Ross
Lucia Giri
Shanthi Kasi
Vijay Bhandare
Sourav Haldar
Uttam Sajane
Arindam Sinha
Avijit Mukherjee
Ciby Samuel
Pallavi Shelokar Bate
Purshottam Pawar
Sanika .V. Desai
Mahesh Soundatte
Moderator by Tathi Premchand
Credits: Anjali Dutt / Heena Sk
Evaluated by Nippon Team

Monday 6 September 2021

Portrait - Best collection from Art World Portrait & Self-portrait 6th to 12th September 2021


Portrait - Best collection from Art World
Portrait &
6th to 12th September 2021
Mon Ross @monross
Lucia Giri @luciagiriphotography
Shanthi Kasi @shanthi.kasi
Vijay Bhandare @vijaybhandare
Sourav Haldar @powerkicker02i
Uttam Sajane @sajaneuttam
Arindam Sinha @arindam1300
Avijit Mukherjee @avijitmukerjee
Ciby Samuel @ciby_samuel
Pallavi Shelokar Bate @a.creative.bee
Purshottam Pawar @purshottam_pawar
Sanika .V. Desai @sanika.desai.9406
Mahesh Soundatte @soundattemahesh
Moderator by Tathi Premchand
Credits: Anjali Dutt / Heena Sk
Evaluated by Nippon Team