Friday 19 March 2021



Nippon  Gallery presents the show "TH3EE FEMININE PERSPECTIVE" which is curated by Tathi Premchand and Assistant curator Anjali Dutt. Tathi Premchand is the creator of the Nippon art gallery in Mumbai and also an artist.

In our society, there is always pressure on women and expected that ensure they can manage and manage the whole thing like work, family and time limits, professional life, marriages, etc. All these things are always emphasized to women. Women are trying to balance everything. Their entire life manages everything from childhood to death. They are fighting their barriers. They play an important role in our society such as mother, daughter, sister, etc.

The show is based on upcoming the three young contemporary female artists Aditi Purwar, Smriti Rastogi, and Shivangi Kalra, They are BFA students from the College of Art, Delhi. They are going to portray themselves as well as their everyday life experiences and feminine perspective through their striking pieces of art. Play with shadows and experiment with the various mediums. They create the ideology in their pieces.

In this exhibition, the three young women artists have portrayed socially and domestically as a vehicle to express various thoughts and ideas. These three female artists have to see the women as role models and what they are facing problems and doing activities or role in day-to-day life. And artists also depicted their life through their artworks. They explore their ideas against the patriarchal society with their experiences. Mostly their subjects are on their own lives. Also as women, they are fighting the stereotypes of society as well as conservative families. Their recent artworks are on pandemic situations how we are facing and going through mental trouble at homes. 

Artists using varieties of mediums like oils, watercolors, tempera, acrylics, woodcuts, etc. Most of the works are figurative. These feminist artists are presenting their own life experiences through their art pieces. They usually work with vibrant colors in their artworks. They are used in different perspectives and angles such as diagonals, geometrical patterns, aerial views, naked human bodies, etc. Besides, they used home unoccupied space to portray the presence in the place. They have portrayed their artwork in a post-modern and contemporary style as psychoanalysis and intellectually presenting the body. How the body plays various roles in society, both physically and mentally, especially as a woman.

All are amazingly done by artists. The beauty of women is the expression of their entire world. We say by the beautiful lines by renowned artist: 

“These little compositions are the expression of my happiness and that is why perhaps I am particularly fond of them." - AMRITA SHER GIL

{As a young woman artist, she independently learned the art of self-portraiture and developed it as distinguishing features of her respective painters. She made an important place in 20th-century art history.}

This exhibition offers works by three young women artists who suggest and focuses on the subjects who we are facing or deals with it in the everyday lives that we hardly observe.

It would be our pleasure to catch you all in this show.  Nippon art gallery is highly obliged to welcome you all. Kindly visit our website and show your interest in magical artworks by young superb artists and make this show successful.

3 Artists| 54 incredible pieces of art we are presenting.

Online Viewing Room -

Anjali Dutt

Artist / Asst Curator / Writer 

Online Viewing  : 20 to 27 March  2021