Monday 21 September 2015

Devotion and Art for Social Welfare: By Pankaja Jk

Ganapati Bappa Morya!

Air is filled with this devotional call. It’s five days since Ganesh festival has started. There is peaceful aura and happiness all around, least the intrusion of loud, unbearable and non- devotional music and songs.

Every pandal and household having Ganesha, brings forth sense of spirituality. There is a kind of magical spell in the idols of this Lord of knowledge. The eyes seem to speak to devotees, understand their feelings and develop hope to have happiness and peace.

My content is not exactly about the beauty of Ganesha’s idol, but its social and environmental value. Much is spoken about environment- friendly Ganesha’s idol. Many people have realized the importance of buying idol made of soluble sand (Shadu- Devnagari script), instead of plaster-of-Paris.

What about social cause? There is an example set by simple, common yet social-sensitive lady.  The noble and eye-catching act that is making rounds on social-networking sites is the Ganesha’s idol made of Chocolate by the same lady to whom I am dedicating this article.

Unknown lady with great idea of making Lord Ganesha

The lady, maybe an artist herself, from Pune (unfortunately her name is not known) is said to create Ganesha’s of chocolate and she immerses this idol on the last day, as per ritual and custom, not in water but in milk! Yes, the chocolate idol is immersed in milk and after it is dissolved, she serves the same chocolate milk to poor children. What a noble act! It is an out-way-thought of spreading happiness.

Though we all know that by feeding the poor children with such milk, once in a year will not bring great change in their health. But here, worth considering is her consideration and social responsibility. Along with celebration she also gets involved in great act. Her Devotion, Celebration and Art is so admirable that it should be considered by people

 Lord Ganesha Visarjan 

Art is said to represent society, but if it is used to help and bring smile on faces then it is more valuable than its basic function. This lady has proved it by shaping chocolate into Ganesha’s idol and then feeding the same chocolate in milk to poor. . I am sure God and poor children must be showering loads of blessings on her.

I also know that at many places and every year idols are made of fruits, vegetable and eatable items. But that are huge idols, publicly displayed, generally to hoard publicity and display of art. Practically, art can be admired in galleries. Let it be. The point is these idols are not the personal ones, set at home, like this one. This lady has proved that devotion and art can be used for immediate good cause. I am and we all should be proud of such people. 

By Pankaja Jk