Saturday 11 September 2021


The Nippon art gallery presents a group show "PORTRAIT AND SELF-PORTRAIT" which is Curated by Tathi Premchand and Assistant Curator Anjali Dutt. 

Recent work video art by Sourav Haldar 

Thirteen artists are participating in this art exhibition. Their names are:-

Mon Ross, Lucia Giri, Shanthi Kasi, Vijay Bhandare, Sourav Haldar, Uttam Sajane, Arindam Sinha, Avijit Mukharjee, Ciby Samuel, Pallavi Shelokar Bate, Purshottam Pawar, Sanika.V.Desai, and Mahesh Soundatte.

Recent drawing Ciby Samuel

The show is based on upcoming the young contemporary artists, who they present through their artworks from different perspectives with various mediums such as water colours, oils, mixed media and etc.

Portrait and self-portrait is an expression; it can be self- portrait or other artistic representation of a person also. It is portrayed of someone's character or describes someone. It can be present by painting, photography, graphic art, video art, performance art etc.

Recent work Shanthi Kasi

Portrait often gives deep insight, and offers an analysis that goes far beyond the superficial. Mostly depicted by facial expressions it is described you and your personality. It can be direct or indirect. Portrait or self-portrait reflects the human expressions and feelings. The self portrait is a projection of the self. It is a reflective physical appearance.

Self- portrait delve deep into psyche, complex personality, strong emotions, a chronicle of circumstances through life. Artists captured people’s inner and outer expression which comes out through their facial expressions. Mostly artists gazed into the mirrors and attempted to grasp their identities.

In general, there are three ways to tell the difference between a portrait and a self-portrait. One of the best ways to understand a self-portrait is through its title. Artists will often identify their self-portraits as such. Another strategy is to notice what type of action is being depicted. Both self-portraits and portraits often depict a figure gazing in the direction of the artist.

A self-portrait will often depict the artist at work in the process of painting their own image. The third way is to view the picture in the context of the artist's other works. The artist's subject matter can convey to the viewer the identity and character of his or her own image. For example, American artist Norman Rockwell's Triple Self-Portrait shows the first and second of these principles.

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best”- FRIDA KAHLO

¬It would our pleasure to catch you all on this upcoming show.  Nippon art gallery will be highly obliged to welcome you all. Kindly visit our website and show your interest in magical artworks by young superb artists and make this show successful.

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By Anjali Dutt

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Self-portrait - Artist: Sanika Desai
Portrait - Best collection from Art World
Portrait &
6th to 12th September 2021
Mon Ross
Lucia Giri
Shanthi Kasi
Vijay Bhandare
Sourav Haldar
Uttam Sajane
Arindam Sinha
Avijit Mukherjee
Ciby Samuel
Pallavi Shelokar Bate
Purshottam Pawar
Sanika .V. Desai
Mahesh Soundatte
Moderator by Tathi Premchand
Credits: Anjali Dutt / Heena Sk
Evaluated by Nippon Team