Sunday 2 January 2022

Kanika Gupta is an alumnus of the JJ School of Art, Mumbai and School of Visual Arts in New York.


I began with the hope of transforming tales from history and mythology into a modern style. However, it was not just the story, but the characters I was drawn to. Drawing in a modern style gives me the freedom to reimagine people, settings and conversation in a whole new panorama. Secondly, the rigorous nature of mythology – each with a moral takeaway elucidates the schisms that arise in contemporary society. It is this bridge that my art desires to cross. As characters evolve and express themselves, my artwork forms a narrative of their message. I primarily use monochromatic colours and palettes to heighten the narrative and draw out emotions rather than vistas. I use pen on paper mostly as my medium. I derive most of my inspiration from strong characters of history, saints and some abstract surrealism. Characters who may not be the protagonist or the most popular, but whose very presence unravels the relationships between the protagonists

Kanika Gupta is an alumnus of the JJ School of Art, Mumbai and School of Visual Arts in New York. Since 2009, Kanika has built iktaara into a design house offering both curated gift products made from her art and illustrations. Her works have been published by Bloomsbury India, Juggernaut among others. Kanika began the movement of adult colouring and doodling workshops– a great Sunday morning activity at Cubbon Park, Bangalore.
Notable Achievements:
• Named by Home Review Designquest as one among their 5 Young Indian Designers under 35,
• Awarded the Silver for best Wedding Invite Design at the GIW Awards.
• Invited to conduct doodling and art workshops at at TEDx events,Bangalore International Centre, Schools and more.
Art shows:
Indian Art festival 2018
Art Maadhyam, Bangalore

Solo Show by Kanika Gupta
Date: 2 nd to 8 th Jan - 2022
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