Wednesday 17 August 2022

Dibakar Das, Solo Exhibition

Nippon Gallery is pleased to present Dibakar Das solo exhibition “Lines”

“Being an artist, I believe that art work speaks for itself; it has its own language, one can feel the visual aspiration before describing it in words.” The visual quality of drawing, ink on paper, is a creation of the whole cosmos by tender touching, sensitive lines like a spider web. There is no specificity as such, although it involves ambiguity space, all seen unseen, day to-day life ‘objects’ forms are derived from nature, inspired by observation of shape and cyclic change, but their appearance only matters in so far as it symbolizes an inner actuality that receives meaning from its relationship to the cosmos. The surface is played in the continuity of shifted vision and multiple layers create dimension. A single image is created by multiple contours or visa-versa to build up a form. Whole Drawing is an ongoing visual dilemma, which once started, involves the artist playing till visual satisfaction is achieved. The key to drawing is the involvement of the artist, both physically and psychologically, in art work.

Artist: Dibakar Das

Dibakar Das (Mumbai, India) – Born in Howrah, he completed his education in art with a Masters of Fine Arts from BVU, Pune. He worked as a visiting lecturer at Gulbarga University, Karnataka. Dibakar is working as an Art Director in the film industry. He participated in several exhibitions and residencies in Andorra, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, the UK, and India.

1) Dibakar Das & Montosh Lall  2) 6x10 ft drawing paper by Dibakar Das
3) Dibakar and Roul Hemanta   4) R B Holle & Dibakar Das at Nippon Gallery- 
Duration of the exhibition: 12.08.-20.08.2022
Exhibition Opening: 12.08.2022, 5 p.m.–9 p.m.
Nippon Gallery
30/32, second floor, Deval Chambers,Fort , Mumbai
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Nippon Gallery
Lines by
– solo show –
Preview Date:
12 / 08 / 2022
Time: 5.30 pm to 8.30pm ( Open to all RSVP )
Gallery Opne Date:
13 to 18 / 08/ 2022
Time – 3 to 8pm (Appointment only)
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Monday 15 August 2022

“Life Witthin” Artworks will be displayed by Renowned artist Sangeeta Kumar Murthy at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

For Sangeeta Kumar Murthy, excellence is a continuous endeavour. She is not one to rest on her laurels, she continues to explore new frontiers and experiment with advanced concepts. Sangeeta says “The Pandemic has changed the way I look at my art, I have taken a fresh approach to my subjects, treatment and medium". While the forms and expression may be different, what remains constant through her work is clarity and a meticulous eye for detail.

Artist: Sangeeta Kumar 

In Sangeeta's latest series, ‘Life Witthin’, she has chosen the medium of pen and ink on paper and vibrant acrylic hues on canvas to create a visually appealing series of artworks. A noteworthy element of the series ‘Life Witthin’ is the beautiful depiction of fabrics. One can almost feel the texture and flow.Each of her works in the series retains a cohesive link to the central theme which is fluid curves and fine lines that balance each other. The artist's paintings demonstrate her mastery over this genre which is a new addition to her already extensive portfolio.


The 'Life Witthin' series has multiple branches – Soul, Germination, Samanvay and Efflorescence. The ‘Soul’ series looks within, to find depth and the meaning of existence. ‘Germination’ demonstrates the evolution of thoughts, ideas and concepts, slowly awakening to the world around. ‘Samanvay', progresses from exploring growth and life to seeking the equilibrium that creates harmony in the entire universe, be it between the masculine and feminine, yin & yang or between man and his maker. ‘Efflorescence’ pays tribute to the incredible spirit of mankind and its ability to emerge stronger while adapting to the ‘new normal’.

Artist: Sangeeta Kumar Murthy, Title - Life witthin -16, Medium - Ink on Paper


Another key element in this series, along with ‘environment’ is ‘women’ and they can be seen in various avatars. Interestingly, Sangeeta has painted women that don sinuous kimonos, flowery gowns and sharp jackets, in modern cosmopolitan forms, a reflection of the women of today, each balancing different roles in our society. The artist depicts the importance of manifesting hope and optimism in myriad forms and expressions while retaining a strong social context. The eye-catching spiritual undertones in these works highlight the regeneration of new thoughts and ideas in different elements of our interlinked world. Thus, we can see that the series portrays a wide range of elements and features, all nourished by the internal energy that is indeed the life-giving force.

The detailing of motifs and patterns compels attention. In several paintings, one can see the artist’s newly introduced colour palette consisting of grey and gentle tints of sepia, adding greater depth and nuances to her signature fine detailing. Almost print-like strokes and the purity of lines and forms that are a distinctive hallmark of Sangeeta Kumar Murthy's paintings can also be observed.

From: 16th to 22nd August 2022

“Life Witthin”

Artworks by Renowned artist Sangeeta Kumar Murthy



Jehangir Art Gallery

161 - B, M.G. Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: 98990 42116

Email :

Insta : sangeetakumarmurthy_

FB : sangeeta.murthy, sangeetakumarmurthy16