Wednesday 31 October 2018

A Secret Private Museum Initiated Jogen Chowdhury's Rare Works

Sharing an important news from the art world a SECRET MUSEUM initiated by artist JOGEN CHAUDHRY is on its way to open end of the year Priyasri Patodia is sitting in Jogen’s private 3 floor museum in Kolkata which will be showing his works from his days in Paris pre Paris post Paris and his rare works including academic   years his first water color his first cross hatch etc.

Priyasri Patodia of Priyasri Art Gallery will be Associated with this museum closely. This museum will open to public hopefully by end of this year. Why don’t others master  artist initiate private museums so the rare pieces of heritage is available to masses and not to selected few who have the pockets. Artist imitated museums are more common in developed countries and we are happy many private collectors are also following suit. Art can cannot be possessed by anyone people buy them pass them on to their heirs who may not treasure them.

The anonymous collectors don’t even ensure the destiny of the Art on other occasions immediate families of artists fight for possessions of these priceless pieces which lead to secret sales and the fate of the masterpiece is uncertain. Must say Jogen Chowdhury has had vision to make this museum with his rare works which be governed by a group of trustees ensuring that the works live for posterity. Kudos. 

Yogisha Motla
(on behalf of Priyasri Patodia)
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Through his career as an artist, Sanjay has inspired a deeper understanding of the world and its wildlife

Sanjay Prajapati, is a contemporary Indian artist, lives and works in Baroda.
Sanjay Prajapati is a painter known nationally for his large, dramatic portrayals of iconic wildlife. He grew up in a village which is surrounded by jungles and wildlife in its natural habitat.  His deep passion, knowledge of wildlife and unwavering commitment to conservation continues to inspire.
Artist : Sanjay Prajapati

Through his career as an artist, Sanjay has inspired a deeper understanding of the world and its wildlife, encouraging successful conservation efforts and awareness of endangered species and their habitats. Travelling across the India, for his love of photography he seeks inspiration for his art work, Sanjay has utilized these opportunities to research wildlife and to learn about associated conservation challenges at the local, regional, and national levels. Through his career, in artwork  Sanjay has developed effective ways to implement and support conservation programs and is utilizing his imagery skills to promote a message of wildlife preservation and to initiate real change. 

 Today, Sanjay’s work is admired and collected by prominent politicians, entertainers, business leaders and art collectors. His work can be found in private collections, corporate offices, Art Galleries, & Hotels in India. Sanjay’s works are displayed in important museums, corporate and private collections and has appeared in numerous prestigious venues.

About the Works

Cultural Background is a phrase broadly discussed by E.H. Gombrich. He stated that an artist's artistic expression is greatly influenced by his cultural background and the environment he grew up as a child. If one looks at the paintings of Sanjay Prajapati he can find true connotation of Gombrich's idea. As a child he grew up in a village which is surrounded by jungle and wildlife.  His childhood brought him a prospect of close observation of the animal world, which developed love

and sympathy for the wild animals in him. Later he travelled in different forests in India and also volunteered anti poaching activities. His art practice also depicts intimate understanding and relation of the flora and fauna.

Today he has migrated from the village to an urban life but his village reminiscence works as a source of inspiration in the subject of his paintings. Sanjay is keen to bring out the beauty of nature and wild life on his canvas. His paintings carry a sense of photo realism because he believes that beauty should be represented as it is observed in nature. He painted wild animals in their natural habitat and mood. Wild animals are ferocious but they follow a natural law. They fight only for the

need of something either for food or for control over territories. The uncivilized world is more beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable than to get scared of.

This exhibition named 'Exquisiteness of the Untamed' displays a body of work, which reflects sanjay's own understanding of nature and wildlife. The paintings depict untamed animals in their regular activities and natural behavior in their own terrain.  He has used strong, sharp and bold brushstrokes and bright natural colours to reach to his desired visuals.

Art Gate Gallery
Solo show 1st Nov to7th Nov 2018


Sunday 28 October 2018

PIN POSTER : 13th Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery is an art gallery in Mumbai. It was founded by Sir Cowasji Jehangir at the urging of K. K. Hebbar and Homi Bhabha. It was built in 1952. Managed by the Committee of Management, the entire cost of this mansion was donated by Cowasji Jehangir

Friday 26 October 2018

Rare Poem by Pankaja Jk 2010

आमच मात्र ....

सर्व धर्म सम भाव,
गरिबाला खायला वडा पाव 
आमच मात्र सर्व धर्म समभाव .

गरिबीची भीती आम्हा नाही 
आत्महत्य्ने जनतेचे तसे नुकसान नाही,

अहो, अश्या गोष्टींचा आमच्या गावी नाही ठाव,
आमच फक्त एकच ....सर्व धर्म समभाव ....

आतुर माता प्रवासी लेकाच्या चिंतेत,
शेतकऱ्याची काळी आई उगवी न शेत, 
पोट लागले पाठीशी म्हणून गेलो  परदेशी 
महागाई वाढली आता येऊ कसा परतुनी?
अशी ही तुटती घरे आणि व्याकूळ मने,

अरे, अश्या गोष्टींचं आम्हाला काय राव,
आमचं एकच उद्धिष्ट...सर्व धर्म ....

मारतात त्यांना मारू द्या
जगतात त्यांना लाडू द्या 
आमच्या इच्चा पुरती साठी 
लोकांच्या जीवनाची राख- रांगोळी होऊ द्या 

आम्ही नाही कोणास मारले
आमचे हात बघा नाही माखले
मग हा  दोष आम्ही कशा पाई घ्यावा, लेकहो,
आमचा आहे एकच द्य्ह्यास,
सर्व धर्म समभाव हो!

भारतात आहेत जाती हजार 
सर्वांनाच काही न काही त्रास
आम्ही त्यांना बघतो एकाच दृष्टीकोनातून
सगळयांनसाठीच आसवे आमची गेली सुकून, 
मतदानासाठी किती येतील ह्यात आम्ही चिंतातूर,

सर्वांनी यावं हा आपलाच देश, हे आपलंच गाव
इथे कोणी ना परकं, इथे सर्व समान,
कारण, इथे....सर्व धर्म समभाव...

पंकजा. JK

Friday 19 October 2018

PIN POSTER : 1st Nov 2018 Art Gate Gallery

Art Gate Gallery               
115, Jamshedji Tata Road, 1st Floor, Above Satyam Collection, Next to Eros Cinema, Churchgate, Mumbai, India 400020

Sunday 7 October 2018

Exhibition Date : 13th to 19th November 2018 Time: 11am to 7pm Jehangir Art Gallery Auditorium Hall


INVITATION:13th Nov-2018, 4pm.
You are invited for the grand opening of HONYCOMB, A group show by 9 Artists at Jehangir Art Gallery,
Tathi Premchand I Raj Bhandare I Santosh Kalbande I Nilesh Shilkar I Vinita Dasgupta I
Srabani Sarkar I Kumar Ranjan I Tushar Potdar I Vishal Pawar
13th November 2018 : Exhibition open at 4pm on
Exhibition Date : 13th to 19th November 2018 Time: 11am to 7pm
Jehangir Art Gallery Auditorium Hall
161B, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India.

Datura — Shahid Datawala's second solo exhibition at TARQ.

It is with great pleasure that I write to you about our next exhibition Datura — Shahid Datawala's second solo exhibition at TARQ.

This exhibition continues to highlight Datawala’s preoccupations with light, nature and the everyday. Featuring images taken over the last several months in Mumbai and Paris, this series looks at flowers and plants not only as objects, but almost as separate characters in a story.

Please find attached the invite and press release for the show. It would be wonderful to have you join us for the preview which will be at TARQ on Thursday, October 11, 6.30 pm onward.

In case you need further information including images, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, and if you're in town, I hope to see you at the preview!

Warm Regards,