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The responsibility lies with people to be aware of its importance and to care and preserve it...Pankaja JK

"Nine Blinking" The project carried out by Cobalt Blu Art Project Association at Karnala Art Residency  on 27-28- 9-2014 aimed to highlight importance of natural habitat for nature’s beings. The responsibility lies with the people to be aware of its importance and to care and preserve it. The artists of Cobalt Blu project have made their genuine attempt to be with nature and praise it through their artistic creations.  
"Nine Blinking"  Artists at Karnala Art Residency 

Tathi Premchand’s installation of Star series on wall creates a cosmic aura. The galore of stars that are made from chock reflect the free flowing energy; never bounded by time and space. It reminds us of the importance of stars for their heat and light but they are more than that, they are spiritual beacon lights as well. Just as the web connects each star to one another, human life is also connected to every component of nature. The complexity of visual does not create a barrier in survival, exactly like the stars that are born in the cluster in galaxy; they grow and perish without disturbing the life of other surviving stars. Each retains its identity, so is the truth of living being on the earth. Society is a galaxy and livings being are star clusters growing, surviving and perishing with individual identity. As new star is born in galaxy almost everyday, so is the case with human beings and other living things.
Tathi Premchand working on wall

Peace loving Amit Kumar and his art depicted peace and spiritual lift. He perceives that the worldly matters forms layers of corrupt and dirty thoughts on the pure and sinless soul and mind of human being, which ultimately leads to regretful actions. Thus, to lead untainted life it becomes necessary to cleanse the soul and polish off these unwanted thought and attain inner peace. Amit showed this act of cleansing or removal of layers of demoralization and corrupt thoughts in metaphoric way. He carved a big a symbol of peace on the wall with sharp edged tool. The symbol represented the cleansed mind and soul; removal of negativity one’s mind and soul.   
working Amit Kumar at at Karnala Art Residency 

Life force was represented in the drawing of Shalaka Patil’s spiral form drawn on the external side of the wall of a house with an earthy red colour material soil known as Geru.  Spiral form is a basic symbol of evolution, creation, expansion, birth and death. It represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy.  Here too, the spiral form depicted the never ending cycle of creation, preservation and destruction. Infinite energy, the root of universe and everything that exists and it continues to hold together. By using this symbol all beings are reminded of their inward and outward evolution, a balanced and centered state of mind. The spiral drawing showcased rotating energy in proper symmetry on the wall of the house, where house itself seemed to be full potential energy provided by external rotational movement of energy in spiral steady rhythm and symmetry.

Work by Shalaka Patil

‘Autobiography of a log’ was a very nature sensitive installation by C. Ganacharya.  His tender feelings were expressed in feelings of a log that grew in wilds and experienced the company of every huge and minute living thing found in natural habitat.  The romantic log seems to be nostalgic and it expresses its nostalgia in verse: 

जब मै छोटा था,
बहुत बारिश होती थी 

जब मै और बढ़ने लगा,
सिर पैर हरियाली छा गयी 

तब चिड़ियाँ नाचने लगी मेरे सिर पर 
गिलहरियाँ दौड़ने लगी थीं 
लेकिन एक दिन अचानक.... 

Ganacharya,  as true to his nature lover’s spirit happily created wonderful life of forest without disturbing the harmony that it (forest) had already established before their project materialized. For this he used the cut log in forest and placed the white letters on it that looked like termites that depend on soft wood for survival. Thus, without disturbing nature, he created natural world which is left behind as a memorable patch as he left from there to breath the polluted air of urban domain. 
work by C. Gancharya

Pradeep Nerurkar created installation using natural elements. The ‘stone’ was used to give it a look of man- made thing called ‘suitcase’. His work ‘stone-case’ is wisely shown as a stone- case (a natural form of suitcase) as he places handle on it. The weight of stone was inferred as the suitcase with weight in it. The second installation based on same concept is called ‘Cloud-scape’. Clouds pour lavishly on this earth and are happy to see the transformation of dried and sun baked earth into the green environment. To enjoy this credit, cloud seemed to come and rest under a tree to observe the change closely. Prdeep Nerurkar  interpreted and felt the emotional high of cloud and tried to present the water- pregnant cloud’s emotional experience to us. 
Stone-case work by Pradeep Nerurkar

Aashish Thakuar  created a beautiful installation using naturally formed formicary or a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest. Around it, he gently places green leaves without disturbing the ants’ routine. The outcome is formation of green sunflower. 
Green water work by Aashish Thakur

Ashok Hinge created earthworms using pieces of clothes especially the typical blouse worn by women in village. The varied color blouses made his earthworms look colorful (may be it was intentional to make it look lively and eye catching). These colorful earthworms hung over the on-site natural wood. Earthworm is farmer’s natural friend, which helps him to dig the soil and make it soft for tilling. Ashok Hinge stated the importance of earthworms in the life of a farmer and ultimately to us. 

Earthworms work by Ashok Hinge
Deven Bane used an abandoned house that stood lifeless and isolated in the natural and green environment of Karnala.  Thief seemed to have broken into the house breaking the door and windows. Deven Bane  wonders what he could have robbed in this simple house which must be hardly having basic necessities. He highlights ‘Window’, which welcomes nature in form of breeze light and sound to enter the house and it also works as a protection against burglary. But this house surely fulfilled only hunger and lacked luxury. He put forward the doubt about what the thief must have stolen from such a living. To show the simplicity and the basic need of hunger satisfied by house, he showed smoke of hearth coming out of the broken window. Deven has  used the natural foliage to burn and create the smoke and convey his idea. by Deven Bane

window - (noun), definition of a window is a pane of glass or wood in a house ,used to look through either literally or metaphoricaly,to see what is on the other side

Santosh Klabande used  his skill as a painter to paint on the tender, blooming banana leaves. He has sketched male and female form. The best part of this work is that it is not a static work and does not stop with sketching. The sketched female is shown as being pregnant. And as the leaf would bloom steadily, it will give the effect of blooming of new life. The work needs to be checked at least two times a week and be photographed to see progress and prospering new life. The excellent creative work that would need attention long after the on-site exhibition is complete was a Site Specific successfully carried out  exhibition by Cobalt Blu Art Project. Cobalt Blu intends to come up with newer ideas and carry out such projects. The new project is in planning and will be announed soon. If you wish to participate as an artist or viewer you are most welcome. To know more about it in advance please check the updates on Facebook page or visit the websites mentioned below. 

 - By Pankaja JK 

Site Specific ("Nine Blinking") Art by Cobalt Blu Art Project

Photography : PMJ / Film : Pranay Mane
Event Created : Deepali Dawane 

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