Monday 27 February 2017

‘Living Lines at 360⁰’by Ashok Hinge Mumbai Artist

This series of paintings ‘Living Lines at 360⁰’ is an extension and elaboration of Ashok Hinge’s earlier series ‘Living Lines’. It is a thoughtful progress in the earlier developed concept of painting common man and society work.

The concept at 360⁰ is nothing but artist’s broadened experience of the world around him. It is a meticulous observation that has now intensified, with understanding and knowing the core nature, behavior, body language and approach of all types of people  in the society.

In the process of his observation and development of this concept he has simplified the human form, as he finds and states “We are nothing but geometric figures only”. This simplification also has profundity of each painted or sketched character. Importantly, he has sublimated his characters, and this is a splendid progress. Hinge’s paintings exemplify the similarity in character that can be found in different people wherever we go; just like the artist finds them around 360⁰. Paintings also create sensation in the viewers that at least one of them is based on their own character. The artist is projecting the sweat of people, through the dripping white colour to indicate hard work for success. Though this series, Hinge has showcased subjects like family bonding, gathering, celebration, union of friends & crowded market places which create rhythmic movements in the paintings. So the visual effects of the simplified images not only seem ‘attractive to the eyes’ but also ‘strikes the mind’. 

Recent work by Ashok Hinge- Mumbai

One more development that we see in this series is: the use of colours. Now, instead of restricting to painting and sketching black and white figures, the artist has experimented with various mediums, like - ink, acrylic and water colours.  He is instigated to use colours in this series because, with times, he has realized that every personality is unique in its behavior and approach and he has highlighted it through the use of colours to bring it to your notice. Every colour speaks of the body language and psyche of the character in each image. Even the crowd of people and their mental state can be read from the sketches and the colours used. Interestingly, black and white attracted our attention to the concept of common man in society and now the addition of colours makes us read the image as individual characters. 

Those who have been following Ashok Hinge and his creation would certainly feel the ‘Freudian instinct’ foraying in him.
The exhibition is not only going to be a visual treat but a speculation of an observational excursion of artist’s mind. Let us visit and get intellectually nourished by giving a thought to the manner in which the artist cultivates his idea and elegances in his paintings to make them more enthraling.

The exhibition will be held at
Nehru Centre Art Gallery (Circular) - Discovery Of India Building, Ground Floor, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400018,
From: 7th March to 13th March 2017
Between: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m
Contact: 9930103369/ 9960586014

PIN POSTER : Nehru Centre Art Gallery : Mumbai

Tuesday 7 February 2017

"Bombay Black" Clark House exhibition kalaghoda art festival jehangir Art gallery 7-12 February 2017

Bombay Black occurs around the time of the Kala Ghoda festival where the disappearance of a man mounted on a horse now calls for reason to have an art festival. The square is called Kala Ghoda, though the legendary back horse now lives in the quiet communes of the Bombay Zoo. The myth of the Black Horse instigates the idea of the city of Bombay and its relationship to the colour black , where through an exhibition we construct the many lines of aesthetic and social folklores that exist around colour.

curated by Sumesh Sharma and Yogesh Barve , Clark House Initiative . Exhibition Designer Sanjay Londhe

Thursday 2 February 2017

Minutes of the Meeting | Garima Gupta Solo| Art Night Thursday Clark House Bombay

Minutes of the Meeting | Garima Gupta

Solo| Art Night Thursday

Clark House Bombay

Minutes of the meeting is a documentation of my travels from Jakarta to New Guinea, looking at Birds of Paradise as more than just an exotic curio that adorned the Cabinets of Curiosities across Europe. The drawings and short films trace the ebb and flow of ecological destruction surrounding the species in the South-East Asian and Western Pacific region.
Starting from the min 16th-century trade of exotic fauna, to being the epicentre of Dutch colonial rule in the 18th century, to today’s palm oil crisis - the birds and animals of the region have been major players in world history. Their unwitting entanglement ranged from their contribution to the spirit of scientific inquiry, right upto today’s insatiable need for food products processed with palm oil. This fascinating and tragic entanglement, often underrepresented, is the story I am sharing from 09th Feb - 08th March 2017 at Clark House Initiative. Do come!

Opening on 09/02 at 6Minutes of the Meeting | Garima Gupta |Solo| Art Night Thursday:30 pm

Walkthroughs on 12/02, 19/02, 26/02 at 5:30 pm and closing on 08/03 at 7:30 pm