Sunday 28 January 2018

According to the statistics in India there are 29 states to represent 1.25 billion people


India is a multiverse land, where art and culture resemble its diversity and ethnicity. Art has been pre-eminent throughout the array and has been explored holistically by all forms of life. I believe the world is full of insightful creations waiting to be explored and so is mankind which is indeed a wonderful creation of the almighty. I represent the entire 1.25 billion population of the country in a unique form of art. My work is an attempt to express myself and socio- cultural status of our society. Though the educational system we receive knowledge to enrich ourselves to transform into a better human being.
According to the statistics in India there are 29 states to represent 1.25 billion people. With this wide range of population of our country human being has been divided into categories too. 

My art represents the dysfunctionality of the society. The society where we have a static learning processes, and through that systematic process each of us is judged and categorised.  The representation may be anything that describes the identity of the state in the country. This may include my self-portrait, public figure, the animal, spoken language, or even a famous artist.
The reparation which is constantly scene in my work is not only focusing on the numerical table but also the rhythm and harmony of life. My major response to everything around and the interaction with the non-living objects is the metaphor of my art.

In order to motivate and bring awareness to people, I wish to create art in which the ethnicity of the state will be carried thus depicting the importance of the education and the significance of it in saving a human life.                                                                                                                                        
- Jignesh makwana

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