Monday 19 October 2015

Clinging to manifest emotional ties - Pick one artist Solo show By Ashok Hinge

Ashok Hinge‘s involvement with black ink and one stroke paintings have worked wonders. With the time, his art has intensified to the extent that it seems he has developed his own language of ‘stroked alphabets’ especially drawn in black ink. I have been following his paintings and appreciate his spontaneous expressions. His passion for black has also made such an intense impression that it is hard to imagine the images in colour other than black ink.
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Coming up online solo exhibition at Pick-one artist online gallery is an extension of his established style of painting. All the paintings are done in Chinese black ink. In this series he presents his concepts in novel and unique way of twisting and turning creepers and climbers in human forms. These people seem to be in tête-à-tête with each other.

Though I know that he has passion for mundane activities and people, I still decided to peep in his thoughts for shaping creepers and climbers in such a unique way. He enthusiastically spoke about his work.

Like every other work it is a continuous entity, I had first thought of how to paint it till the end effect. The creepers from nature inspired me and shaped my images without break. Therefore you do not find layers of patches, whatever is created is at one go, keeping in mind that theme should also project the base i.e. the entirety of creepers. 

This work is the abstraction of creeper, weak steamed plants those can grow nicely with the support. We too are social animals and rely on each other for living and survival just like these plants. We, human beings also start growing with the support of Gurus and guides who help us grow and feel alive. Without support or guidance you keep struggling on the ground and sometimes you feel dead too. Life is beautiful when you are with good people and Gurus.  Otherwise you are no less than live-dead bodies.
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But life is not just black and white, it is colourful. Painters express themselves using varied hues. I was curious to know his personal view about colours that play major role in creating the aura and emotional set up of the concept, and what was his take on using single black ink? Didn’t it put restrictions on emoting the feelings? To this, he was quickly reacted saying, No, limiting my work in black ink do not hinder the expressions. As I always say, displaying maximum using minimal has more lucidity. I love to make use of minimal widens the scope for viewers, as they have wider scope to analyse and admire paintings according to their sensibility. I am not against use of colours but at the moment if I use colours I will feel the escapist who is not able to state exactly what I feel.

(Ashok Hinge inspired by Illustrator Andy Warhol was one of the most prolific and popular artists of his time, using both avant-garde and highly commercial sensibilities.)  Copyright Photo courtesy by

When asked about artists migrating in painting profession from commercial field, he said, I was also Commercial designer and did Calligraphy. One thing that we should not forget is that being in commercial field also involved creative thinking, but the only difference was that of approach- It was more target oriented. So I can say that creativity is not new and has continued till date, in fact became more matured in terms of expressing Self. The difference is, now I do not have target audience and viewers are free to interpret and admire my work at their will. USP doesn’t matter because it is entirely subjective concept whether accepted or not. Being in commercial creativity had not only extracted my creative output for targets, but during that phase I learnt abstractions of words with meanings associated to them and their charismatic allure drew me to put the words in images. Back then and till date I like simplicity in my images. To my bliss, people too liked this simplicity and complimented me by asking to see more of such creations. Thereon my journey as a painter started and now I am completely involved in it. My art is well supported by art-lovers and great contemporary artists. So indirectly, I can say I am a Shishyaof all my Gurus-critics (good/bad), who have guided and oriented me to be thoughtful throughout my career.

I enjoy this freedom of expression and plan to explore deeper in the mysteries of creativity. 

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By Pankaja JK.