Friday 31 December 2021

AAINA - A mirror placed before you to envision yourself - Heena Sk

 AAINA, a reflector has the vigour to proclaim the paramount insight of humans, their perceptions and subliminal notions. It beholds the magnificent course of delineating the lives’ locomotion into a static impression and skillfully witnessing it. kindred as a mirror, Visual arts additionally assumes a comparable part in expressing the inner vehemence. 

Uttam Sajane, Mukta Pusalkar & Chatan Shetti at Jehangir Art Gallery-2021

The artworks being displayed in the exhibition by three young and adept artists communicates the significance and annotation of episodes they lived concatenated with compositions they created. They bought the moulding of life turmoil and experiences into the idioms of art. Notwithstanding the creation of images from the concepts of society onto the canvases, they have shown the connotations of life in their particular manners. The unique aspect of the body of art created by the artists is their focal on the techniques and articulation of thought.

Breaking the conventional standards of the art sphere, these artists have fearlessly and boldly put their personalities in the form of visual expressions before the world. A genuine artist doesn’t restrict his emotions and thoughts to one channel outlet, instead, they let it flow on canvases in the forms of philosophies and symphonies. 


Head - Pastel on paper 8x60 in

The works of Uttam Sajane unfurl the dramatics of Human psychology. He began painting accepting face as the structure, reshaping the old representations and acquiring alterations in the conduct of looks. In his verdicts, Humans are the assemblage of multifaceted tendencies, even a single mortal contains varied inclinations, searching for so is artistic proficiency and a form of rest.  Utilizing energetic tones and intense strokes, Sajane attempts to recognize the equivocal nature of humans. “These paintings and forms help me to find myself and discern the sufferings around me” proclaims Sajane. 


Acrylic on canvas |7"x 7"

Footing on the second mark of the triangle is Mukta Pusalkar, whose works pinnacles in sentiments and feelings rather than musings and hunts. Implementing sensible and realistic epitomes, her works assemble as a visual journal. Happening a mother, her works usually incorporates silhouette and gestures of toddlers and juvenile. Brimming with sophisticated but radiant tones, Pusalkar proffers her paintings ardour, vivacity and intimacy altogether that threads the viewer with the stands of emotions, temperaments and enunciation of presence. Celebrating the depth of motherhood, she fabulously infuses the motifs and essence of her two-year-old daughter into the spaces she evokes, to which she affirms “being a mother, there’s an imperceptible, yet astonishing focal motherhood present in the recent works. Whether it is my child’s observation of an unknown world or her agility, the more I paint my daughter, the more I understand that it is me who learns to see the world through her eyes, more than the vice-versa.”


Acrylic on canvas| 48"x 108"

Chatan Shetti, a seeker and explorer of his inner persona, is in the diligent journey of scrutinizing for the reactions within himself. With the abstract dialect, Shetti deals with dynamic intellectual and hypotheses of life. The discerning selection of pigment and colors indulged with abstract applications and smearing of mediums appends like notions of existence in the plain sphere. His works are an amalgamation of apprehensions, intuitions and a pursue for denotation of self-consciousness. Inner intensities, quarrels and agonies are personated in his art, he yields structure to metaphysical-ties of life. For an artist, it becomes vital to perfume the emotions and cavernous senses onto the colors poured. In shetti’s quotations “I paint the feel of uneasiness in my wit and mind, I try to express my thoughts and subconscious through lines, colors, textures while exploring wide mediums. I never limit my inner self to display my intra and extra murals.” What discrete his work is that it dispenses his spectators with a feeling of liberty to decipher his work in however they need to. With no desire to limit people, thoughts and feelings, his work takes you on an excursion of your decision.

Cherished with the eminent psyche, these artists provoke the viewer to consider the novel perceptions, to not ration their feelings, taking the musings on a way that has been neglected, where implications and preconceived notions are cipher. They courageously ask them to dive deep and to examine the inner self, scavenge for the meaning of life, and when they realise, that the only meaning of life is freedom and self-realization, they will find the art in every possible situation. 

With their distinctive artistic lingos, thoughts and compositions, their insights and vision for, self and life are homogenous. 

They see the life like a reflection and their paintings like an AAINA. 


“I'm placing a mirror before you, for you to envision yourself.”

‘AAINA’, an exhibition manifesting three young artists whose paintings are at liberty from subjects and concepts but ignite a sense of rawness and purity. 

It is always stimulating to get connected to the crude thoughts that are narrated in visual forms, thoughts that reveal the nexus between the artists and their experiences. The three artists notwithstanding their young talent have depicted the works in such an honest form that I call them ‘pure as nude’. In the belief of Picasso, the more it is personal the more it escalates to the world, finding it true I perceive that these works hold a reflection of lives like a mirror, a mirror that has witnessed every natural detail and has been a silent watcher. 

Uttam Sajane’s works unfold the realities of humans, their behaviours and emotions. He seeks that human is as deep as a black hole and have varied forms of conduct. Incorporating facial forms, he divulges and unmasks the demeanours of living and the ambiguous nature of mortals. Retaining himself as a base, he configures the ongoing developments and evolution happening inside the mind and body. In my expressions, I comprehend the bare verities of people around me through his paintings.   

Mukta Pusalkar, being a mother is anchored to the sentimental embodiments. During her pregnancy she went through episodes of emotions, some may term it as fluctuating moods but she transfigured it into a daily visual diary. We can see the soft vision in her realistic and tender works. For me, the diurnal experiences she had or having has given her and her paintings a fervent aura. 

With a self-contained and reserved essence, Chetan Shetty subsume intense expressions in his abstract paintings. Amalgamating questions and hunt for the inner self, intellect and psyche of life, Shetty is in the persistent course of searching for the responses within himself. It sometimes becomes complex to unveil the experiences and interrogations of life onto the canvas, yet his works effortlessly delineate his thoughts. I discover his works full of profound revelations of life, self, rest and connections altogether.

Divergent in their artistic dialects, contemplations and methods of presentation, these three artists share a trait in common and that is the way to discern and show life. The understanding they gather with enormous emotions adjoin is what makes them proficient. The bold way to apply colours, braveness in brush strokes and confidence in displaying their notions, tug us towards their works. I identify the importance of life through their artworks. 

Collectively, the exhibition tends to the significance and gaucheness of existence and inner visions, self-proclamations and articulating the subconscious, laying them on Canvases is constantly associated with individual reasons and unuttered musings, it turns out all the more vigorous when feelings and sentiments are added to it. 

To perceive your internal inspirations and insights I’m placing an “AAINA” before you.

Curated by HEENA SK


AAINA - Group show - An Exhibition 


Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai     28 Dec.2021 to 3 Jan. 2022