Tuesday 20 May 2014

GenNext is in an all-new avatar! This time it will be held in the National Capital of the country, New Delhi at the new premises of the Aakrii Art Gallery.

GenNext is in an all-new avatar! 

This time it will be held in the National Capital of the country, New Delhi at the new premises of the Aakrii Art Gallery.

With the inception of the new millennium, the dynamism in the art world magnified in all its respective terms and the young contemporary art practitioners began to set new trends and discourses in the field of visual arts. But all these could not have happened if some noble and prospective patrons had not come forward and given this new shape and vision for the younger generation creative minds. And to mark this significance and majesty of the new generation artists, one could unanimously utter one single name “GenNext” – a brand by itself in the contemporary art world of India. The show which had begun as an anniversary exhibition of the Aakriti Art Gallery in Kolkata nearly a decade ago with a handful of young artists below 40 years of age practicing in Kolkata and its nearby localities eventually spread out as a nation-wide exhibition for the young generation artists picking out the best of the best from different corners of the country, from cities to the interior rural belts and then it finally took the global dimension where artists from all over the world just coveted to be a part of this show here in the City of Joy, Kolkata. And in this way GenNext has already completed its seven editions in the last decade. This year, GenNext is getting ready to step in its eighth edition with a much bigger innovative spirit, novel spree and set to go gaga over new motifs, minimal trends, experimental ideas a with a touch of classical nuances in different art forms.

Aakriti Art Gallery, both in Kolkata and now in New Delhi is exclusively set to promote art of every kind and gear up the cultural spirit of the country by connecting the local with the global and now in the country’s capital in this new venture of the eighth edition of Gen Next, Aakriti Art Gallery looks forward to an immense response and participation of the younger generation artists from all over the world. It believes to create an iconic emblem in the field of visual arts - a venture to select, showcase and promote young budding creative minds that otherwise go unnoticed amid the band of recognized artist.

Well, if you are also the one who is simply waiting for this one call from the GenNext Exhibition, what are you waiting for… write in your artworks on a dvd/cd along with your brief profile and send it to Aakriti Art Gallery at its official address in Kolkata. You are absolutely free to select the genre of your work and medium of your choice, you can be a painter, a sculptor, a graphic designer, a video artist, an installation artist, an avant-garde artist, an experimental artist and many more…

it doesn’t matter, if you

have the right kind of passion and something really intriguing in your creative discourse, you could be the one who can definitely make it into the GenNext VIII.
Last day of CD submission is 15th July 2014
So get set go!
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