Saturday 28 November 2015

Peace in Abstraction: Paintings by Nital Bhuva

Nital Bhuva is one of the upcoming self-taught, hobby artist. Her passionfor painting developed in the teenage. Right from the day she held the brush for painting, abstract forms have been her kind of expression. Now she has established herself as a painter and continues her dedicated to abstraction. On asking her whether she tried hands in other styles, she abruptly said ‘No’. Her confidence in abstract is really amazing. For her abstraction is a pause; like a second chance at life or whatever is perceived, finding no mistakes. It’s a perfection in illusion. Further she says, “When a surface looks beautiful to me, it has a self-disciplinary effect, consoled for en number of ages .It gives me creative high and satisfaction.” What I admire about her is her strong belief in this style instead of trying various styles and then ending up as an abstract artist. She enjoys this style as it brings displacement   in memory and joy, for her it is an allusion as is desired to produce same amount of possibility from afar as well close up.

Artist : Nital Bhuva

She is professional trained in technical knowledge, being a student of Engineering initially it was difficult to migrate from technical to creative field. But her sensitive mind made it easy to be thoughtful towards exposed and subtle realities of life and now she has been painting since more than eight years. The forms are subjectively and non-subjectively connected on subtle level. 

Her paintings transcend from physical to spiritual. The texture, lines, colours together convey the feelings that flow in mind, these are the thoughts that you cannot put in words, liberated from physical bonds.

Along with being a painter she is also a good poetess. The poetry transcends into her painting. She has written English as well as a few Gujarati poems, the matter, sharpness and lucidity is very dear to her heart. It is a simplification of complexity. A few lines that projects upheaval of thoughts:

Recent works by Nital Bhuva
Deep in to the forests,
where life grows and rests; 

where wind blew clean and cool,
soothing wounds of even the dead; 

suddenly with a start,
I wake to the real; 

which never fails to lurk,
from behind the golden face; 

darkness of the hell,
has descended on this place; 

soot suffocates my heart,
already buried under the plastic carts; 

I gather this charred remains,
the mother earth in my hands; 

which once used to be a salve,
slips from my fingers now; 

and what was once a balm,
poisons my blood now; 

the ambrosia which I dreamed of,
evaporated in the air; 

and the right to be alive,
dead before the death.
- Nital Bhuva

Recent works by Nital Bhuva

Speaking about her creative process, she humbly says, “Till date, is like colder meals, a lot of freedom with surface experimentation, and different colours. I hope for late surge of expectations and more available discipline. Most of the time my creations develop from some kind of longing to see more of beauty.”
She prefers to work on Sunmica board and while working, is completely involved in bringing out the desired effect on its surface. Most of her creations are in blue and red. Both the medium and colours add to her perspective and there is a lot of emotional quotient involved. Her perspective can be interpreted subjectively according to individual experiences. Like a true abstract creations, her paintings give a lot of scope for individual interpretations. Her digitalis are equally mesmerizing. 

Coming up soon, the works of this passionate abstract- painter, self-taught artist. View and admire her first Solo show at  Art Gate Gallery, Mumbai.


By Pankaja JK.