Friday 24 November 2017


My self Grishma Pankaj Mali was bron at Kurundwada, on August 11, 1996 but my childhood was spent at my native place Ichalkaranji. I was always passionate about painting right from childhood and at last after 10thstd, I got my freedom to nurture my passion of painting and I took steps towards development of my art and for that I took admission in Pune’s ‘Kala Mahavidyalaya’.

Painting has its own individual existence and life. Artist struggles to input the emotions; give a particular form to each creation. Likewise I too painted various forms in my paintings, but my inner spontaneous desire germinated as the creator of erotic images or sexually provoked bodily reactions, I began to probe deeply into this subject to know more about it. I tried to bind sensitive and voluminous lines in my drawing by studying and cogitation of source code of bodily enhancement and development, its rhythm, movement, harmony, muscles and arteries. My creations appear to express my views. If ever I think of any relevant medium for my creations then I feel I am only the closest one to my paintings because my thoughts, incidences that happen around me and my experiences form the subject of my work. Environs around me prove as a booster to my subject. Also, my friend Kapil Alaskar has been helping me in every way. While discussing work, we both always agree with each other’s views. Since, I have always trodden on the path that he did, stepped on his foot marks, he has made me understand many important things. Many a times he became my comrade, wherever the need be, he becomes my Guru (teacher). And he is always there with me to live and make me enjoy bounding and art. 

Recent Digital work by Grishma Mali

I create my artwork by taking into consideration the fact that a body can express so much by gesticulating and even by remaining potential. I keep this theory in my mind and therefore my artwork changes according to the changes in my life. The routine life and its experience was not enough for enhancing my subject, so I had to create more romantic temper in myself and I realized that showing erotic or romantic images gives liveliness to the creation. This makes the observer understand my images and my vibes stimulate him/her. This effect of liveliness started being effective only after the live experiences of reality poured in the artworks. 

Recent Digital work by Grishma Mali

Nudity and romance in my paintings and artistic advances cannot be adored by applying scholarly mind to understand them, but can be appreciated considering it important as an individual experience. Its taste, touch and essence have to be relished gently. My paintings shape up naturally by savoring this taste.

Recent Digital work by Grishma Mali

As I progressed in developing my subject, I could feel variations in the images, in the sense vision was developing to search and find clitoris in the painting. Along with it, the experiments done on myself made me use images of my legs because there were and are movements in it and by amalgamating some fruits and their texture I created a human body and thus, formed my images. There is one common association and that is, the body fuzz or hair on the body, which is common between the both, human body and fruits. This is the only common association in my paintings.

As I felt the need to be different, in some images I presented male and female in individual romantic mood and gestures to enrich its beauty. Some lines or images in these paintings can also be presumed as my own feelings.

Pankaja JK