Monday 1 January 2018

The principles in art which were once considered inapt have been completely eradicated with the course of time.

Progressive understanding of art is ‘Rupayatan’. And hence the past rules do not remain valid in the present. The aesthetic perspective of art has revolutionized throughout the years. The process of creating and decoding modern art has changed with growing peculiar interests of the populace. It has acted as a catalyst for the growth in the change in the aesthetic perspective of art. 

The current creative tendency is not decisive; it is more likely to keep changing with the change in the aesthetic perspective of the populace. The inspiration is taken from the daily life and when presented through art is highly illusorily. The organization of pre-requisite knowledge, shapes and construction of subjects is primarily conveyed in visual presentations. The paintings then can have varying effect on the human mind. This phenomenon has lasted from the time of ancient art to the changed modern art.

The principles in art which were once considered inapt have been completely eradicated with the course of time. The pure and unique thoughts emerging from the artist’s subconscious mind are accountable for it. The individualistic thoughts and the artist’s perspective as an individual about the subject, both physical and deductive are the particular reasons for the same.

The obsession of beauty and crave for innovations comes from the natural thinking process based on the right morality denying the façade, is the tradition of visual interpretation of unnamed and unlabelled form. This accepts the space. Increase in the form of art through the process of colors, lines and understanding and the maturity of an artist are the things which enhance the value of the art.

The absence of clothes does not define nudity; it is originally the raw and pure state of nature. It is also a social state. The meaning of nudity for us is in the subconscious state and not in the conscious state of mind. This is not an attempt to change the statements of the critic. There is similarity in the imaginative state and the existing state hence there is no hiding the truth, it gets amplified.

The artist and his art is like the eye and vision. What is seen is not always helpful for creative presentation; even if this is inspired by our lives it is highly fictitious. It is a blend of imagination and pre-requisite knowledge. It is illusorily and an extract of our vision. Hence nudity does not require a canopy; it is in an oblique state. This exhibition of paintings and sculptures emphasizes on strengthening the natural instinct. A painting is exclusively visual, which originates from the indigenous thoughts. A painting is the very representation of our thought process. We would like to convey this message through this exhibition.

Text translate Santosh Sawant
Edit by  Vinit Lawande
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 Pankaja JK (Founder)

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SALE & EXHIBITION at Art Gate Gallery, Mumbai
All Art lovers are most invited on 5th Jan 2018
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5th Jan 5:30 to 8pm
6th Jan to 11th Jan 2018, time : 12am(afternoon to 8pm night)