Thursday 6 March 2014

Hungary for Art : Chandrakanth Ganacharya

( Installation by Chandrakanth Ganacharya)

Words  often recorded in terms of time . At the time, the creator of this intervention is to assess the level of criticism .On the art ' dialog ' is a new initiative - the eye of the creator of the term and timing speculated ... Long - term survival in dialogue plagued by contradictions between the flights of the flow and think of words that highlights significant possibilities.

In the project I used belly related proverbs and as well as publican's emotional Quotes. All the proverbs and Quotes has the philosophy of time. Those expressions comes from life experience and it will guide & taught by local seniors, intellectuals, and by philosophers.

The Installation art migrating people who force migrate for an essential needs, they know better importance of empty belly.Artist used Hotel, Canteen, Mess and Road Eating eateries for the project.

(copy right image by  Artist Chandrakanth Ganacharya)