Monday, 28 June 2021

Never having any political threads, my works always weave a story of social and personal intimation

Artist: Moumita Sarkar

Moumita Sarkar's art always has played a modest character in making myself more experienced about living in whole. It not only rendered a way to express but also to exemplify the universe revolving in my unuttered thoughts. Not always searching for answers my works sometimes raise questions too.

Getting fascinated and inspired by what Moumita Sarkar visualize around, Moumita Sarkar works are amalgamation of reality, expressions, reactions, void thoughts and visions which are then laid consciously onto the canvases. Bold and vibrant colors unfailingly have succored to express my moods and responses.

Being severely connected to my surroundings, I try to indulge every aspect of my life that has provoked and affected me in any way into my works. From material things, like bottles, bags, clothes, to the subconscious feelings like, erotic, dejection, sensual, exhilaration, each facet has contributed equally to anchor myself with life and depicting them is a way to complement their connection to me.

Rejoice of being a woman, the sentiments can be easily glanced in my paintings. I appreciate the vibes and temperament of women more than any other living. It has always been facile for me to associate myself with feminine which gave female a lead role and male a backdrop in my works. ‘Eyewitness love letters’, a praised artwork showcases the variety of emotional tangles a woman faces.

The vehemence and state of mind performs a vital and concrete part while I’m working. Every stroke laid, color applied, deformed figure and ambience created have its own way of expressing my responses towards situations and circumstances. Sometimes words play significant role in my works, their affinity with episodes of daily life, nourishes and enhances what I usually feel and enact.

Never having any political threads, my works always weave a story of social and personal intimation. The process of visualizing, sensing, connecting, compiling and then pouring it on the art space is what I call Art.

Admiring my town city, Kolkata and being influenced by my traditional culture Bengali, I’m not only inspired by regional semblance but a local and native fragrance can be sensed in my works. Accomplished BFA and MFA from Kolkata, I’m consistently enchanted by the profound environs. It always has galvanised me to the core and to create what I observe.

Moumita Sarkar expressions and emotions are fluid and art is a vessel, holding them firmly while giving them a unique configuration.


Sanchita Sharma


- Art Blogazine 2021

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Video Art


Deadline Extension.
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Due to current Covid and uncertain lock down we are extending the registration period for video till June 22 2021.
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Dateline: 22 June 2021
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Saturday, 5 June 2021

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Dear Sir/Madam,
We from Nippon Team are presenting you the newsletter for the month of June 2021.
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Send your recent 3 to 5 video link with CV with other details
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Nippon Friday being a curated platform is highly selective of its partners to showcase art. Our team shall be evaluating the portfolios based on original artistic consistency, technique and style of art works. With this platform artists can sell their works directly to art lovers, art buyers and collectors. 10 works will be displayed online for sale for 365 days with highlighted details of the artist (Contact number, email address and location studio.)
Moumita Sarkar
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