Tuesday 11 August 2015

Go Astern!

• 1. Cicadas Whirlwinds

Imprints of this print smells the combustive illusionistic vibrations of skeletonish   architectural structure drawing, seeming with body topology and convulsion of natural form- trunk of insect cicada. The oceanographic   composional   division with erosive rusting coastline and the living relation between land and water. 

• 2. Autostereosopic Wavefronts The unearth intrinsic traces of vessels and the uploads of newer trajectory trails, ship goes –comes, the burials and cleavage remains, captured by curious cannon. The nerves of sea-body finds its way out,forming a white cap, foggy surf juxtaposed on autotrophic algae and the pictorial cosmos thus created by it. 

Recent work by  Shrinivas Mhatre

• 3.  Aerial Thermo sensitivity

The Energized visual engraves with rippling pyrotechnical essence merged in hydro moss. The manoeuvre of technical drawing emerges through topographical glimpse the leeway composition indicates to the projectile rowing motion.  

• 4. Thermo sensitive Topography 
Its parallax comes up with the twist and turns of ship’s trunk steering fierce of scarletish hues in cerulean blues of aqua and leafy outrigger. In such a surrounding there exists a wounded resolute structural body; the buoyancy of aqua keeps it in tension of surface...splashing magnitude waves.

• 5. The Reverberation of Gulf 
The visual Sonic Reverberation between edges of gulf created by spontaneous strockes spinning out from a insectum manned solid. The path continues to be a hollow drill by rustic land on both sides which leeway’s the nuance of ultra waves.

• 6. Aerodynamic Geology of Marine 
Nostalgic glimpses of flight travel imprints in a dioramistic form. Then imitation of chopper view is pictorially assembled by the help of technical aesthetic and acoustics is thus created by topo- effect bringing up suitable lush green and aqua marine colours.

Recent work by  Shrinivas Mhatre

• 7. Microscopic Introspect 
Out of the selective drawing study of warrior ship here the artist investigates one of the smallest part zoomed in, out of curiosity of its detailed design. Here smells the attrition of solid body and its archaic minute. This comes out, not to be recognised accurately but a support structure to animate inner emotions on surface.

• 8. Sedimentary Schooner 
Semi-hovering schooners, sedimenting on robust early stain, aroused in sea body, by whiplashing in tempest. The hide and seek play on an abandon curvature of ship yard, holding the memories of past.

• 9. Impulsive Radar 
Indication through waves direction the path of travel .This devise Radar used as a metaphor of ‘Life’ and ship as ‘Thoughts ‘ in a motion , that travels in ‘n’ numbers of directions and creating dimensions. That proliferates the journey.

• 10. Reverberating Resonance
Sporadic out bust of Ultra-Sonic visual vibes spreading triangular palpitations, its resonance which infinitely reverberates from spin of apt (the back part of ship).The apt here is imaginarily overlapped by ship trunk’s imprints which centrally divides the composition into symmetry releasing propulsive energy forces in all directions.

• 11. Propulsion
Kinematic propulsion generated by syntactic structure in a space. Where the form or object amalgamates its features with terrestrial where as aquatic, manned as well as natured forms like bird-insect -aeroplane, fish-ship.The space, in which they dwell, the motion created by them, is researchably observant.They share common features like horizontal caudal keel which helps them in motion.  Here an object (a form) is in a space which is likely to be similar with aerodynamic propulsion which is against gravity, or a motion of fish in water, or the ripplesion created when ship body movin in water.

• 12. Emergence of Submergence
Buoyancy that resists the floating to sink scattered that becomes ship wreck, a motion that has left its breadth on bay converting it to foliage. The aftermath of seismic wave’s collusion leaves it in a constant dance of sub-merge-emerge.

Artist: Shrinivas Mhatre

Go Astern!  

reckons up in trajectory of Shrinivas Mhatre’s journey of projecting as an artist.Being the resident of ‘Mumbai’-India, which has a nourished surrounding of hydra-coast, the artist smells the city in different essences, adding his own intuitive sensations through Print Making’s ‘Viscosity’ process.Occasions like art camps, awards and art exhibitors made him travel through air; these newer cannon registered an unforgettable memory in artist life.An Aerodynamic, dioramatic  perspective of imagining things from bird’s eye view was then implied in his prints and forms of ship entered in his expressions.The drawings which help marine architects and mechanic where taken as reference point ,and the glimpses of scenes from various movies relating to sea and ship comes in pictorial representation of his artwork. In this various moods of the cosmos and different physicality of sea and air body is carved. Observing every detailed texture, colour, forms; composing them and giving it an autosterioscopic glance.  Shades of lush green emerging by rolling yellow-blue in particular colour density and time span, this is an advantage of viscosity’s achieved experimental effects; on which try to similaiarate with form of an outriggering aqua algae. Interesting part of forms which are used in are- the animation of it which generates the visual vibes seeming with the motion of cicada, damselflies, dragonflies,of insects family. Topographical view is key interest of his work, intersecting the blending of common mechanism of aquatics well as aerial manned and god gifted; imprinting this in one geological space compounds an art work.                                                                                                                                        

- by Harshda Nirgun.