Tuesday 22 July 2014

‘Visual Archives of Kulwant Roy’, curated by Aditya Arya, on 1st August 2014 at 6 PM at the NGMA Mumbai.

National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi and Mumbai, Ministry of Culture Government of India and India Photo Archive Foundation cordially invite you for inauguration of exhibition titled- 

 ‘Visual Archives of Kulwant Roy’,

This exhibition presents a historical visual treat, from the priceless collection of photographs taken by press photographer Kulwant Roy’s, prints and negatives. In the process of documenting the rare photographs of Kulwant Roy, Mr. Arya discovered a rare and valuable visual archive, including many unpublished pictures, of a momentous era in India's history which form the part of this exhibition. These priceless images from around the 1940s, which lay hidden for decades, have been brought back to life through the expertise of Mr. Aditya Arya. As a result, we can now gaze into the evocative faces of the valiant women and men who made history in our land six decades ago, all very skilfully captured by Kulwant Roy’s brilliant lens.
Kulwant Roy was born in 1914 in Bagli Kalan, Ludhiana and educated in Lahore. Without any formal training in photography Roy then joined Gopal Chitter Kuteer’s studio in Lahore. He joined the Royal Indian Air Force in Kohat near Quetta in 1941. However, he found it difficult to tolerate the discriminatory policies of the British government, which resulted in his ouster from the air force. By then his experience of taking several aerial photographs from the cockpit of the planes that he used to fly had laid a firm foundation for the shape of things to come. Roy became passionate about photography. As a freelancer in Lahore, he documented several significant political events in Pakistan. Re-locating to Delhi in 1943, Roy started his own agency, the Associated Press Agency in Delhi. It was during these years that Roy captured untiring images of well-known historical events some of which are displayed in this exhibition.

National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
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