Wednesday 23 July 2014

Ashok Hinge ‘Guru-Shishya’ installation work on review by Pankaja JK

‘Guru-Shishya’ installation as name suggests, is an installation that has well-known reality imbibed in it. It’s about Guru-Shishya (Master-Disciple) relationship which every individual experiences in his life. I have tried to present an ancient tradition of imparting and gaining knowledge where a master would secure higher position and a disciple would sit down and bow on his feet. These postures are symbolic suggesting that the knowledge would transcend from Guru to his devout disciple. This position also develops the relationship between guru and disciple. The vibrant energy of guru is transmitted in shishya and it ignites wisdom of knowledge in him It is the ‘Responsibility (of guru)- Dependency (of disciple)’ relationship. 
Installation Artist Ashok Hinge
This is a subtle relationship in which guru and shishya become one as a family. But this family is not based on blood-relationship, instead it is based on the particular knowledge that a guru imparts and shishya gains. So it is a family of Knowledge. It is not involuntary involvement but voluntary acceptance of relationship. 

The faith plays an important role in it. Guru is supposed to have highest knowledge and shishya should have wisdom to acquire that knowledge and utilize on individual level. 

Installation view at Art Gate Gallery
To present the Guru-Shishya tradition I have used the most effective tool of English language i.e. Comma. Comma is used in English language to have pause between sentence or to separate elements in series. It is the only punctuation mark which has upside down and vice versa position.

 I have used both positions in my installation as it makes my symbolic representation perfect. The ‘right to left’ facing comma is Guru in sitting posture and ‘left to right’ facing comma is Shishya bowing in reverence and touching his feet, which ultimately helps divine energy of guru to transcend in Shishya. 
I choose the white color for installation and it is deliberate. In Guru- Shishya parampara(tradition), both of them generally  wore white as a symbol of purity and devoid of any blemish. It’s with purity of heart and mind that knowledge is transmitted by guru to shishya.  

  Pankaja JK
 Art critic & writer:- Art blogazine 2014

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