Saturday 9 March 2019

Incantation of Sensations - An Exhibition Of Paintings By Ashok Namdeo Hinge

Visual elements like cosmic shapes, light, color, texture, composition combine to form a frequency of visual sensations & the tranquil form of this schematic universal repetitiveness is art. This experience of art: 'Incantation of Sensations' is expressed in Ashok Hinge’s exhibit.

Ashok has done his education in fine arts and through lines, shapes, colors, texture, he created his own visual language to communicate.

The combined visual experience of visual elements living again & again through the senses of time, affects the awareness & becomes an important part of the subconscious taking us into a trance of tranquility. While experiencing this trance in a conscious state, it is the artwork’s space that creates a portal of trance taking art lovers, creators & curators beyond art, form, texture & structure into the world of tranquility.

A part of Ashok's art is cosmic while the other aspect is purely structural, where colors live in the form of light to enlighten the existence of art. This view prefix is reflected in Ashok’s style here.

“Repetition” is a primal phenomenon of nature. In an infinite world of colours, shapes & forms this characteristic is repeatedly applied in Ashok's art distinctly, keeping the chaos created by the elements of art in control. Everybody loves this experience of trance & in order to implant & feel this celestial state of mind, we created “The Art”.
Any kind of repetition induces loss of consciousness, and awareness of this fact summons a trance. Keeping this visual experience intact, Ashok’s art reflects an identical if not exemplary feeling. At the crescendo of this picture universe, an illusory vision is extracted with a trance like emotion, leaving behind an exacting visual.

Intricate & fine lines unite to form, a new shapely schematic creation, wherein basic shape amalgamate with new ones, rendering a sane sense of cosmic infinity. Similarly, shape and its corollaries change the basic definition of shape and structure formation in turn reflecting the identity of a particular texture of time. Creating a visual experience incorporating movements, speed & impulse; Ashok’s style personifies organic geometry enabling space, shapes & light to form a visual trinity. His crystal imagery invokes a feeling of being at the crest of a musical symphony.

Ashok Namdeo Hinge

at Jehangir Art Gallery - No. 4
Date: 18th March to 24th March 2019  I  Time: 11am to 7pm

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