Wednesday 19 February 2014

J J Today and Tomorrow

From ancient times India was always known for its aesthetic culture and art forms across the world.
However the last hundred years saw a tremendous slow down in the art field because of the various socio economic reasons prevalent in this country. It has only been in the last few decades that we have seen a reasonable growth in the contemporary art scene of India. Economic growth, new media, technological advancements are considered some of the catalyst responsible for this growth. Even so India’s contribution in the world market has yet to grow to match its potential. Today India contributes to only 0.4% of the global art market share which in the coming couple of years is projected to grow to about 4%.

Esteemed institutions such as the Sir JJ School of Arts have been playing an ever increasing role in the growth and development of the art scene in India.

To quote India’s prominent art critic Shriram G. Khadilkar, you cant produce a painter, but an artist can be educated. There has been a long list of famous artists in world Art, who were great teachers like Paul Klee, George Brandt Bridgman, Frida Kahlo etc. The JJ School of Art too has a tradition of excellent painters and art teachers like M. V. Dhurandhar, Jagannath Ahivasi, Y. K. Shukla, S. B. Palsikar, Baburao Sadwlekar, P.M. Kolte and so on who through their relentless efforts have played mentors to numerous talented artists over the years.

Taking this great teaching tradition to the next level is a dedicated art teacher Mr. Rajendra Patil who is also an eminent artist himself (also known in the art scene as Para) Para in collaboration with a few associates from the business world has decided to do more than just cultivating aesthetic values and building opportunities for promising as well as prominent artists across India. From this collaboration was born “The Art Affaire”. A platform for artists and art lovers alike “The Art Affaire”was built with the objective of spreading the awareness of Indian art and Indian artist across the world.
The first edition of “The Art Affaire” is aimed at showcasing the works of some great artist cum teachers and of their students who aim to become great artists of tomorrow. Together they create a showcase of the Indian art scene to the world.
In the words Shriram G. Khadilkar it is in times like these when there is great unrest in the world of art that one must make effort to educate and prepare for the good times that will follow.
We welcome all artists and art lovers to be part of this noble venture aimed at giving Indian art its deserved place in the world art scene. 
Thank you

Gerald Michael
Director – The Art Affaire

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