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FLAG MARCH -Art Gate @ Churchgate last date: 28th/12/ 2013

December 17, 2013 at 12:00am
We are artists of Mumbai under Flag March are presented as a paradigm shift. This is march to revolutionize the art world Coordination of Drawing, contemporary and abstract all excellent art of artists together to show our endeavor is presented as a flag march. We are presenting the various facets of art in one place and it is our strong effort.  Please  you all join us in the march are firm in our raid, we'll incentives  Flag March is concept of art movement from Mumbai artist last working more than 10to20yr in Mumbai city,  flag March for their different era like  Abstract, Contemporary Art  and Drawing artist activity  display in show.
An art movement is a tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a group of artists during a restricted period of time, In the visual arts, many artists, theorists, art critics, art collectors, art dealers and others mindful of the unbroken continuation of modernism and the continuation of modern art even into the contemporary era, ascribe to and welcome new Philosophies of art as they appear. 


1. Pradeep Nerurkar
2. Prakash  Waghmare
3. Tathi  Premchand
4. Gajanan  Kabade
5. Archana  Mishra
6. Rahul  Vajale


Mypaintings are not the subjects of interpretation but composed happiness.
The experiences derived from my paintings inspire me to live, give me distinct insight. Colors in my paintings vocalize realization and my colors may go beyond their conventional horizons.
While the truth of experiences peeps from paintings, they somewhere reflect the innate traits and therefore the shades which sway unconditionally and enthusiastically, being captivated by love of the rays of light and currents of breeze, prove their existence.  Five elements of life Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky are present as the eternal sensations in my paintings and definitely establish communication with you -Prakash Waghmare    

Endurance, patience, no cross-border issues, no discrimination and acceptability are the characteristics of Nature and its resources. I have dedicated myself and my art to explore these secrets and divulging these hidden aspects that guide our existence. Pradeep Nerurkar

Archana Mishra, is a scholarly Abstract painter with sensitive mind and heart; she presently lives and works in Mumbai. Though she lives in Urban environment, her thoughts always flow and swirl in the elements of nature. Her subject of painting is based on the undisclosed elements of nature that can be both, shocking and blissfully surprising. I believe that the things that influence nature and even ourselves are almost abstract - Archana Mishra
Abstract art is a visual representation in form, color and line to create a composition with totally different presentation from that of original visual references in the world. Abstraction is an imagery art. Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich are the famed artists who developed their style in abstract during 19th and 20th century. Abstracts have geometric figures such as seen in work of Mondrain or fluid work like that of Kandinsky or Pollock and there is also figurative abstraction of non- visuals like emotions, spiritual experience.

Contemporary Art :
Contemporary variation is but natural in my paintings. Just as Heraclitus had rightly said, ‘It is not possible to step twice in the same river.’ My paintings too are most spontaneous expressions rather than well planned process so you will always find variety in the work. Every work has different appeal and presentation method, setting different moods with use of topic relevant colors, forms and style. Painting is not just passion for me; it is a part of my life. I paint when I get stimulated to do so. There are times when for days together I do not paint at all.- Tathi Premchand

This form of art developed after 1960 and raised to apex in 1900s, the period in which there were several and drastic changes in society, world economics, culture, politics and education. All these changes majorly reflected in art. So, in brief Contemporary art deals with issues directly related to its current worldly affairs. Racism, global warming, cloning and biotechnology, international politics, human rights, spirituality and economics are reflected in the work of contemporary artists. It is a major break away from the conventional form of art reflecting only beauty. It is closer to common man’s life, rather than spirituality and divinity.
My recent work in Charcoal and Acrylic Colours on canvas and paper reveals my continuous Search of Unknown Genre in Visual language of expressions.  The conceptualization of the  thematic peculiarities and proper balance of  anatomical details and  asymmetry  are mostly due to my research oriented approach and open mind to explore the unknown genre. Drawing in its perfect form and perspectives in charcoal is the centre focus of my work. I derive my inspiration from sentiments of human beings and other  creatures  in the world and their interrelations in my visual expressions- Rahul Vajale

Drawing is marking of lines and areas of tone onto paper. Dry media such as chalk or liquid medium applied with brushes and pens are used in drawing. Drawing categories include figure drawing, cartooning, doodling and shading. A quick, unrefined drawing is termed as Sketch. While composing a drawing placement of elements becomes important. It determines the aim of drawing and makes it aesthetic. It is a light and shadow play. When drawing an object or figure, the skilled artist pays attention to both the area within the silhouette and what lies outside.

Gajanan’cellotape  Paintings

Heis originally from Miraj near Kolhapur. He completed his G. D. Art at Kalavishwa Mahavidalaya, Sangli in 1991 and Diploma in Art Education at SirJ.J. School of Art, Mumbai in 1992. He lives and works in Mumbai.There is nothing to the humble cellotape. It isutility in a muddy-brown color. It seals and secures cartons. It holds stufftogether. It is one of those objects in our environment we have trained our perception to gloss over. Or is it?
It turns out the cellotape had a secret life all along. All it required was an artist, Gajanan Kabade, to coax the story out.
Artgate Gallery Present
FLAG MARCH MUMBAI ART-1: 10/ to 21/12/2013
Group show of contemporary works.


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